Fairyloot Uboxing: July “The Power Within” box

Fairyloot arrived a little earlier than expected this month, even without being in first dispatch it still arrived in excellent time which I expect is because the team wanted to get everything out before YALC this weekend. As far as their box swag goes, for me it was a little on the underwhelming side but I think that is mainly down to the fact that for the most part I didn’t know most of the fandoms featured.  The book this month however, is beyond amazing so I can kind of forgive the other stuff.

The first item, continues with their ongoing relationship with Geeky Clean (and why not – they are lovely people) and is a Room Spray based on the book Snow Like Ashes.  The theme is Theron’s Study, it’s scent is lavender and old books and I think it will be an acquired taste as it has quite a masculine musk scent underneath the lavender  I actually quite like it and have been spraying it around a fair bit, I can’t quite put my finger on what it reminds me of though??? Next is a vinyl sticker by Reverie and Ink based on the book The Sky in the Deep – the phrase is Ond Eldr, but it sadly means nothing to me, which is a shame as I was after a new sticker for my laptop. A fairyloot designed quidditch pen was also features, shaped like a broomstick with the quote “don’t catch the quaffle if you see the snitch” – it’s a quirky item which I’m sure will find it’s way to Little Miss Playground eventually.

Randomly this months box included a tea towel! This is from KDP Letters and features a quote from the book “And I Darken” but I can’t tell you what it is because it was a whole batch misprint item.  The quote is mirrored and fairyloot are in the process of having them reprinted and sent out but it could take a couple of months.  It’s actually quite handy, we needed a new tea towel in the bunker and as it’s a misprint, I won’t feel bad using it! A lovely print by Diana Dworak was also included which features the character Zelie from Children of Blood and Bone – I’m quite taken with this as I’m currently reading that very book!  It’s beautiful and really captures the essence of the character.

The main swag item in this months box was a magic mug by Little Inkling Designs, again it’s a wonderful item but it’s based on the book Falling Kingdoms which I don’t know either! I can totally appreciate that it would be an amazing item for someone who is a fan and the mug underneath its beautifully done with lovely little stars around the quote.  Maybe it will be an incentive to read the story (I really need to get to the library to order some of these books that I don’t necessarily want to buy)

Finally, the book! This months featured book is Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton.  It is an absolutely stunning edition.  Whilst there is no hidden image under the dust jacket the spine work is just gorgeous. The book has sprayed edges in red and is actually signed by the author (not a bookplate.) As a formatter this book gives me #goals, its simplicity is wonderful, I can’t wait to start reading this!!

I think fairyloot of late have been getting a bit of a hard time for always featuring the same fandom’s, it’s fair enough, those fandoms have a huge fanbase and are always likely to go down well with the majority of subscribers.  It seems with this box they have really focused on the smaller series or stand alone’s.  Whilst I can still really appreciate the work that has gone into the items, many of them just weren’t for me this month.  But the book looks epic and is such a special edition that it kind of makes up for that entirely.  For the other bits there is always the B/T/S group if I dare tread there again!

The August theme is Mutinous Pirates, so I really should get reading “To Kill and Kingdom” and the rest of the Grisha Trilogy!!

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