Bookish Ramblings: My Bookish Week

Seeing as I don’t have a review or a promo post for today I thought I would just go back to a traditional ramblings and just tell you about my week in bookish things.  The big news, I feel like I should almost whisper it, I broke the 500 follower barrier on Instagram.  I’m still adoring the community and the friendships I have made, I was trying to take part in the 25 in 5 challenge with a few friends but my son being unwell has put an early end to that.  The goal is to read for 25 hours in 5 days, it was ambitious with 2 little one’s – today is the 3rd day and I have only managed 8 hours.

In Funko news, after weeks of waiting I finally got a dispatch notice from PopCultcha to say that my SDCC exclusive was on it’s way!  I have managed to snag a glow in the dark Moaning Myrtle and I am so pleased to have picked her up at RRP.  I missed out on Luna with Spectrespecs last year and I just couldn’t justify the ebay prices.  I can’t wait to share her with you! The other great thing is that because of the dispatch delay I’ve been given an awesome discount off my next purchase and I’m going to try and get a Nearly Headless Nick which is one of my favourite of the new Harry Potter common’s.

I only have one more week at work before I have a 2 week break to spend with Little Miss Playground, sadly her initial enthusiasm to give some reviews on here has waned but there are still ways that she can take part with what I do.  Hopefully next week will be the start of a bumper season for subscription boxes!  This wasn’t by any particular design and it’s going to get a little crazy! Over the coming weeks keep an eye out for unboxings from Fairyloot, Illumicrate, NPC Crate and Owlcrate Jr (which will be all Little Miss Plaground) I’m going to need a bigger shelf!

We are also going to try and make some of our own bookish goodies.  We’re going to attempt some Geeky Clean inspired bath bombs and hopefully either some soaps or candles depending on how easily we can get supplies.  Watch this space!

I’ve not been buying much in the way of books as I’m still trying to focus on bringing down my tbr but I have not been able to keep away from Kindle deals.  Traditional publishers are still bringing in new readers by giving heavy discounts on ebooks for the first in the series.  I have managed to snag, Scythe by Neil Schusterman for just 99p and also this week I grabbed Red Rising by Pierce Brown for 99p too – if it’s a series you have been looking at starting it’s still that price on Amazon UK and you can grab it here

What’s your bookish news this week, I would love to hear your stories 🙂


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