Bookish Ramblings: Five things Friday

Carrying on with this feature from Kimberly Faye Reads, I found it a really fun round up last week!

One: New to my queue


New to my TBR this week is Winter by Marissa Meyer, I have absolutely adored the series so far and finally got to pick up Winter thanks to a handy book token I received! Whilst the size of it is a little intimidating at over 800 pages I’m really excited to see how the series concludes.

Two: Favourite Book(s) of the week


Ignite by Tracy Lawson was top of my reads this week, it’s book 3 in her Resistance series and whilst it did very much feel like a set up to the conclusion in book 4, it was still a great read and I have to say a little harrowing at times.

Three: When I wasn’t reading

I’ve not been at work this week and as it’s the school holidays I have been spending some quality time with Little Miss Playground. we’ve had days out and playdates as well as a little bit of shopping here and there.  I’ve finally got my SDCC exclusive Glow in the Dark Moaning Myrtle pop, but only after huge shipping delays and a huge whack at customs due to some pretty poor labelling by Popcultcha.  She’s lovely and I’m excited to have her, the whole experience of getting her has been really marred though.  I’ve complained due to their labelling issues but I doubt I’ll get much of a comeback.  It’s been lots of fun in other ways though as both my Illumicrate and NPC Crate have arrived which are full of items which are just gorgeous – you can check back through the blog posts to see full unboxings.

Four: Pic of the Week


Ok so it’s not my pic, it’s Stephanie Garber’s, but It’s so exciting that a release date has been set for Finale and that she has brought the release date forward by 3 weeks – I can’t wait to see not only how the series ends but also what the hidden covers will be!

Five: Looking Ahead

I’m still waiting for my Fairyloot tracking (but they are still going out in batches until Monday) I have (so far) managed to avoid spoilers on IG, but only narrowly! It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so we’re heading up to visit friends in Cambridge tomorrow, they have an open air film festival going on so we’re hoping the weather stays with us. Reading wise, i’m trying to get back into Shadowhunters with City of Glass, I’m told it gets better from this book!

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