Bookish Ramblings: Sometimes blog content is hard to do!

I couldn’t let another day go by without a post, I’m finding that it’s either flood or drought with things to post about and almost 4 posts worth of content have had to go because I just wasn’t feeling it.  If you read my 5 things Friday you’ll know I wasn’t sure about posting an unboxing for August’s fairyloot and I have weighed it up and down and I just can’t pretend to love a box.  The last thing I want to do is post a meh unboxing! There were some things in there that I liked, the book again looked amazing with sprayed edges, but sadly their quality control failed for the second month in a row and they had another misprint issue which was box wide, I had poor printing on another item which appeared to be randomly just on mine and finally the item I’ve been dreading since they announced  they were working on it – a wax seal…  So one post down.

I have also had to DNF the book I was hoping to post a review for you on.  I don’t subscribe to books adding a ton of trigger warnings, in my view it’s akin to posting a list of spoilers, however, if a book is dark (I mean really dark) it would be nice to know. For instance “a dark futuristic thriller” rather than just “futuristic thriller”  I was actually left a little traumatised by it and I have several visual images in my head now that I would rather not have there… So two posts down

Little Miss Playground also took the decision not to help me with reviews.  This one is fine, I mean she’s 7 and her answers were as you would expect a 7 year old to give. However, Jo Michaels, if you’re reading this she gave Book 1 of the Abigail Chronicles 5 stars!  I think the idea of helping me with this was actually more fun than actually being asked to do it… Three posts down

So there go all the posts I was going to give to you over this 3 day drought.  I don’t have backup’s and I don’t have time to schedule a load in advance.  Even promo has been really lacking this week.

But in more positive news I have now been Bookstagraming for a whole year! It’s weird to think I have been posting pictures of books for that long.  I am actually hosting a giveaway for a free book over on IG at the moment so if you want to take part you can find it here  I have also been caught up a ton in playing Ni No Kuni 2, it’s a huge game with so many different paths to follow and side quests, I can easily sink several hours in a night – not good for my reading but good for my gamer soul. It has a look of Studio Ghibli mixed with RPG and it’s exquisite!

I realise this has been a bit of a nothing post – but it is a bookish rambling after all.  I’m hoping for some reviews to come in from the team soon and if you’re an author with something to promote, get in touch, I have spaces!!!

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