This Week’s free and Discounted dystopian ebooks!

I’m a member of quite a few groups on facebook, many which I don’t visit as often as I should…. However, I have just discovered a whole ton of on genre books which are either free of heavily discounted and my Kindle is now heaving again!  Hopefully you can find something to tickle your fancy amongst this little lot!

FREE downloads of Adaline by Denise Kawaii [Dystopian YA] still available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords users (there were 1000 now less than half of that!)
Can one flawed child survive in a world where perfection is the only way?
Adaline is a world of utopian excellence. The human race has been made pure, curated with mechanical precision. Without worry of illness, famine or social unrest, Adaline’s inhabitants live simple lives of utter contentment. That is, until something dangerous stirs in the mind of one small child.

Angels of War: Veritas by D.J. Thompson (a speculative techno-thriller) for FREE until Monday night! Tell a friend!

“A realistic look at societal collapse that makes it feel like it could happen any minute…”
When the world falls apart, when government breaks down, when your friends and family start dying off—what do you do, fight for your country or hide?
What if you learned that the world you know is a lie? Do you rebel or do you reject the truth and defend the illusion?
Grab a copy of Angels of War: Veritas and make your decision……/B07FX1…/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0..

Free for a few days only!! One More Run (The Roadhouse Chronicles book 1) by Matthew S. Cox

In August of 2021, they tried to disprove the adage that violence doesn’t solve anything—by killing everyone.
No people, no problems.
Fifty years later, humanity has emerged from the ashes. As if nuclear war didn’t do enough, a cruel virus followed on its heels, reducing many survivors to mindless killers.
Drivers are the only link between scattered towns. Anyone with the skill to maintain a vehicle (and the balls to hit the road) can seek fortune and glory running jobs for the Roadhouse.
Kevin longs to trade in his steering wheel for a Roadhouse of his own, no longer the idiot dodging bullets for a handful of coins. He’s one run away from retiring when a strange woman begs him for a ride to Harrisburg. Desperation has a way of getting a man to do stupid things, like running a package so valuable half the Wildlands will come after him.
All his life, Kevin cared mostly about himself—and his car—yet this woman makes him wonder if there’s more to life than selling food, booze, and weapons to reckless fools.
Her past comes calling, leaving Kevin at a fork in the road: fulfill his dream, or let it go for something he never thought he’d want: love.

Today is the release day for The Golden City, Book 2 of The Brighton Duology. Are you ready for a revolution? YA dystopia, currently $0.99 for release week only (9/4-9/11). Plus The Blood King, Book 1, also $0.99 to celebrate!

“The Golden City is a riveting conclusion to an action-packed, gut-wrenching dystopian duology where blood is king and freedom is worth fighting for.” -Casey L. Bond, award-winning author 
Down with the Blood King. 
Reina Torres and Princess Helena just barely managed to escape the city of Brighton, thanks to the rebels. They now find themselves at the heart of the revolution, planning missions and infiltrating Brighton’s network. An enraged King Magnus doesn’t just want Reina and the rebels to pay, but to suffer; if it’s war they want, it’s war they’ll get. 
With Helena by her side, Reina wants so much more than survival. But to live, she’ll have to go back inside the Tower, the last place she ever wanted to see again. No matter how far they run or how hard they fight, it seems their paths are destined to intertwine with the golden city … and the Blood King. 

Would any of you like me to make this a regular feature?

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