Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday!

I’m really loving this feature from Kimberly Faye Reads, it’s time for me weekly round up of books and stuff!

One: New to my queue

New to my TBR this week is Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo, it’s the second book in the Grisha Trilogy and one where, I’m told, a lot of peoples favourite character gets introduced!  Whilst the writing in Shadow and Bone didn’t quite hit the spot in the same way Six of Crows did, I’ve also been told that Bardugo grows as a writer throughout the trilogy so I’m hoping I’ll find a lot to enjoy!

Two: Favourite Book(s) of the week

I have had a bit of a poor week reading wise. I spent 2 evenings reading a book for review that I really wasn’t getting on with. It read like horror porn which is not my bag at all, so halfway through I had to tell the publisher I couldn’t read any more. I felt awful letting them down, but it was better this way.  It would not have had a great star rating from me and as you know, I won’t publish low rated review on this blog so it all just seemed a waste of time to continue.  Because of that I was a review down for the blog so picked up a read from my heaving kindle tbr, which was Illusionary by LeAnne Mason, it was quite the antidote and i’ll hopefully get a review up for you tomorrow, but as it’s the only book I have read to completion this week I will have to be my book of the week too!  I finally started Winter by Marissa Meyer last night and I’m utterly in love with it already!

Three: When I wasn’t reading

It’s been a full on week this week. I was back to work after my two weeks off, driving for miles to get the children to various placements and family members to help with childcare before school started again midweek.  I had some long days with the muggle job and tired children to come home to. Thankfully I think we are now back to our usual routine and everyone was in a good place today! I had a couple of evenings this week dedicated to playing Ni No Kuni 2, at the moment I’m searching for Higgledies and they are so so cute!

Four: Pic of the Week

I’ve entered into a rep search! I don’t do these often as I believe that you need to be at least a one time customer of these places so you actually know and love the products, I also get annoyed with feeds that are constantly full of rep searches.  But Geeky Clean have opened back up rep slots and having loved their nerd poured candle crates I wanted to give a shot at entering their rep search again.  I don’t think I’m 100% what they are looking for as they are looking for geeky rather than bookish accounts but you never know!  If you wanted to come and wish me luck I would love the support!  You can find the post here

Five: Looking Ahead

I had some great news today!  My all time favourite movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the stage show is coming to Brighton in the UK in December.  December also happens to be my birthday and my amazing friend has managed to bag us opening night tickets!  To say i’m ridiculously happy is an understatement 😀 Reading wise at 823 pages I don’t know if i’ll get much more than Winter read this week, but I’ll need an “on the go” kindle read to take to work with me so hopefully I’ll get some more reading in on the old lunch break.  I’m also waiting for fairyloot to release their theme for October so I can decide whether to keep up my subscription or move to single purchase of boxes with fandoms that I know, as the last 2 have pretty much all been based on fandoms that are new to me. Hope you all have amazing weeks!

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