Review of Visionaries (Mud, Rocks and Trees #5) by R.A. Denny

“The only thing keeping that seal around his neck is his head. Heads are easily removed.”
Time is running out. Tzoladia is under siege. Heads will roll.
As the prophecy unfolds, young people dream and old men see visions. Emperor Zoltov’s forces move to exterminate the “Subhumans.” Risky alliances are formed as Metlan’s ambition propels him into places of mystery and murder. Brina and Amanki sail through a sea filled with enchantment and betrayal. Moshoi is dazzled by treasure as he faces the horrors of an evil empire. All forces converge on Tzoladia. Time for a showdown. Will mud, rocks, and trees come together at last?
Who will lose their heads?

Visionaries is the penultimate book in this great series, often this is the time where book series’ slow down by setting the scene for the big finale but that is most certainly not the case here.  In a series where so many revelations have already been made I was surprised to find that there are yet more exciting twists, new characters and locations.  Visionaries isn’t confusing in this regard though, everything is finally starting to come together as the players converge on their final places.

We had the delightful revelation that Moshoi was still alive at the end of book 4, he was a character I much missed and his upset at finding Tuka the hero is understandable, he has suffered greatly yet his sacrifice seems to pale in comparison to Tuka’s successes.  I get the feeling however that Moshoi’s maturity will win out over Tuka’s naivety.  Metlan also lost my vote in this book, any redemption he found in early books has been completely overshadowed by his thirst for power here. His complete disregard for others or their feelings hit quite hard after he had shown such promise, I’m wondering if a new situation he finds himself caught up in will come back to bite him for his ways. I’m not sure how I feel at the moment about the clear triangle approaching with Brina enamoured with both Amanki and Metlan, I usually hate triangles but Metlan has done nothing to be deserving of Brina; it’s also all a bit more uncomfortable given that she is torn between twins.

Despite everything moving forward things still feel a bit fractured for the parties, Baskrod seems like he is losing control over the situation and for the first time, really doesn’t feel quite so wise; indeed our travellers are starting to feel the same.  I’m enjoying how they are beginning to come into their own independence with their quest, which is perhaps how things were meant to be.  Everything rolls into a hugely satisfying conclusion though, despite ending on the expected cliffhanger. It’s a brilliant set piece which is played out over consecutive chapters but in different points of view.  I loved how this was visualised by the author.  This book also continues with the more violent tone, which really doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to graphic but it’s thankfully not over the top.

I can’t believe that I only have one book to go, I feel like I have come so far with these characters now.  Their development is outstanding and our protagonists are coming so much into their own, I cannot wait to see how it all ends.





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