Review of Watcher by AJ Eversley

“First came the Bots. They were meant to serve us, but they turned and thousands died. Then the Carbons arrived and we were left with only a few hundred humans. After ten years of war, I’m one of the few survivors. I’m a Watcher, and I won’t give up the fight.”

As a Watcher, Sawyer Russo has sworn to protect her fellow humans. But the Bots and Carbons that overran her city are evolving, and are picking off her comrades one by one.
Embarking on a desperate mission to save humanity from extinction, Sawyer discovers that the line between friend and foe is no longer easily drawn when one of her own betrays them. Faced with a choice between fulfilling her vow and avenging those who have fallen, she must ultimately decide who can be saved … and who can’t.

Sawyer along with the other watchers are there to guard and keep safe 300 humans, sounds like a tough job but doing it at 18 well thats just how life is now days. I thought the character development and world building was good and felt a connection to the characters and story. Having a mad scientist as the evil they are fighting against sounds a bit cliche but it fits and it is a dystopian read after all. Not only do we have the Sawyers and Kenzies relationship, but the Watchers and Carbon along with a mad scientist to get to get to know and see where it all leads, there is some good twists and a pace that has you wanting to know what will happen next and look forward to seeing where things go in book 2!


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