Review of Deliverers (Mud, Rocks and Trees #6) by R.A. Denny

“Our pride rules the empire now.” A new era has begun in Tzoladia! But lions are not the only things prowling the streets. The brash young ruler has inherited an empire full of divisions, intrigue, assassins, and disease. Have the last days arrived? Where are The Deliverers?
Brina matches wits with the ruthless and brutal Bladar. Amanki fights the faceless and deadly blue sickness. Moshoi battles the restless and all-consuming desires of his own heart. Three Seals. Three Deliverers. One last chance. Will anyone escape Tzoladia alive?

The end of a six part series was always going to be a difficult one to call. Having travelled so much with these characters it must have been a hard balance between finishing the way the author wanted and giving the ending the fans wanted. For me it pretty much hit the mark.

Deliverers was very much a 3 act finale – part one has the same pace and twists I’ve come to love about the story. Part two, I actually really liked, it was almost retrospective in feel and tone as tragedy befalls Tzoladia and part three almost felt like it was like an adventure game with an almost tomb raider feeling in it’s puzzles and secrets.  For our travellers, even though they are close to the end their fates have become even more distant from their path, for Metlan balancing becoming Emporer with being a young carefree man is harder than he thought, Brina is far from home on a strange path with Bladar, Moshoi battles with jealousy and temptation and Amanki? Well he’s just keeping his head down! The changes seen in these characters has been amazing, they are certainly not the naive children they were at the beginning and yet they still have plenty of development in the final book.

It’s an emotional one for sure and there are a lot of sad moments, as well as some uplifting.  I found the final part to be exciting and full of anxiety as I was willing everyone forward, there were certainly plenty of heart in mouth moments!  In the final chapters the pages felt like they were turning themselves as story built to a brilliant crescendo, the seals proving to be formidable items both on their own and when used in collaboration.  There were a lot of unexpected turns and shocks – who will make it?

Whilst I have never touched much upon the religious aspect of these stories it’s always something that has been there.  I have always found it to never be too in your face and in keeping with the story.  However, I have to say that in Deliverers I did find it a little too preachy at times, which is a real shame.

I found Delivers to ultimately be a very satisfying and exciting conclusion with a nice little epilogue to tie things together. I do also really want to thank R.A Denny for asking me to review this series, which has been a great ride from start to finish!


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