Bookish Ramblings: Five things Friday

Sorry I’m so late with this today, it’s been a really long and stressful week!

  1. New to my Queue:

On Tuesday I picked up Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor, this is a book which I feel like I’ve had on pre-order for most of this year!  I picked up the orange sprayed edges version from Waterstones.  I love how it contrasts with the blue of Strange the Dreamer and they look gorgeous on my shelf!

2. Favourite book(s) I’ve read this week

My favourite book this week was actually a Novella, I knew that I wanted to read Cat Magic by Lydia Sherrer pretty much straight away (sorry other books on my tbr!) It was a wonderful little read and Sir Kipling can certainly carry his own story!

3. When I wasn’t reading

It’s been a long slog again with work this week, I’ve been doing long days in the muggle job and long evenings formatting, my hands and wrists are pretty painful right now, but small bursts (like this) are ok.  I’m hoping to get all outstanding formatting work finished this evening so I can give myself a relaxing weekend! I broke the 800 follower mark on Bookstagram too, I’m blown away by that and that my photography has grown so much better that so many people want to see my photos 🙂

4. Pic of the week

I’m really happy that this week I finally got round to getting this amazing Crochan Queen candle from Bookish Burns, I sadly missed out on them at YALC and it’s the perfect companion to my Adarlan’s Assassin that I did manage to pic up – I can see a perfect Kingdom of Ash photo forming for later this month!

5. The week ahead

This week i’m going to be trying to catch up with the time I have lost on Ni No Kuni 2.  Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out at the end of the month and I know Mr Playground is going to be wanting to play that a lot!  So I want to get as much of my game completed as possible.  I also want to finish reading up Muse of Nightmares as I have a strong desire to re-read Harry Potter again lol

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