Bookish Ramblings: Five things Friday!

Five things Friday time and here’s what I’ve been up to this week!

New to my Queue

Recently I was contacted on Instagram with a review request from author Hayley Gabrielle, this week her book Essence arrived on my Kindle, I’m about halfway through and it’s all looking pretty good so far!

Favourite book(s) this week

It has to be Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor, it was a 5 star read and just an utterly devastating and beautiful book.  The edition I picked up from Waterstones has gorgeous orange sprayed edges too.  There’s a little teaser in the back though, with an alphabet key and some ancient text, I really need to find the time to work out what it says!!

When I wasn’t reading

I’ve been suffering terribly still with my hands, they are better than they were but they still get painful when they are over worked. I’m seriously considering whether or not to carry on with formatting, I’m feeling like a bit of a failure at it at the moment, and where it was once great therapy for me it’s now just a huge cause of anxiety. So really other than working I’ve been pretty much just reading.  However, in a spot of amazing news, Little Miss Playground won a young writers competition and her short story “The Vanishing Rocket” will be published as part of an anthology in the new year, to say we’re ridiculously proud is an understatement!

Pic of the Week

This week the Six of Crows special edition was released, so it’s in the house but it’s not in my hands (boo) this is because it’s being kept aside for my birthday in December.  So I decided to show the love anyway with this pic as I also wanted to feature my The Dregs Geeky Clean bathbomb before I put it to good use later today! Remember that I am an Instagram rep for them between now and the end of December so you can use code Postapoca10 for a discount!

Looking ahead

I’m going to keep looking after my hands which sadly means no playstation and no Ni No Kuni for at least another week I feel. We’re out tomorrow night for Mr Playground’s birthday and I’m hoping my anxiety will be okay as it’s a first night out for me in about 6 months. I also need to do some work with the review team and depending on a few things, I will hopefully be looking to add a new reviewer to the team and re-open fully for review submissions again 🙂

Until next week!

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