Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday!

It’s time for my weekly wrap up with a Five Things Friday – with thanks to Kimberly Faye Reads for the prompts!

New to my Queue

KINGDOM of ASH – I don’t think I need to say any more than that!

Favourite book(s) this week

I loved Scythe!  I had high hopes last week and it was definitely a 5* read for me, it dealt with some powerful issues but the authors take on a Utopian future was amazing. I also very much enjoyed The Visionary by Jo Michaels, it’s the 2nd book in her Hate Apocalypse series, again this was a thought provoking read and I liked how my views of a character were able to turned around, I’ll have my review up as part of the blog tour next week.

When I wasn’t reading

It’s been half term in the UK, so we took Little Miss Playground out shopping for her birthday next week.  I have also got myself caught up in making her a Ravenclaw themed birthday cake, so that will be interesting to see how that turns out! I’ve got so into playing Ni No Kuni 2 this week as well, i’ve been sinking a good couple of hours a day, it’s such a gorgeous game.  However, Mr Playgrounds copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 arrived today so looks like I won’t get as much time – good thing that Kingdom of Ash will keep me going at just under 1k pages!!

Pic of the week

I know, I know there’s a bit of a theme going on this week, but this is such an epic book that I have been looking forward to for so long, I even have matching candles from Bookish Burns 🙂

Looking ahead

I’m working on the blog infrastructure and will continue to reach out to bring in more books for review, I am also on the lookout for a new reviewer to join the team so if you think that could be you, take a look at the reviews section of the blog to see if you think you might be a good fit!  I’m also getting close to the 1k mark for followers on Instagram, this is so amazing and I can’t quite believe it, I would love to get to that mark by my birthday in December, we’ll see!


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