Review of War of the Damned (Relic Hunters #3) by Martin Ferguson

When a perfectly preserved German U-Boat from the Second World War is discovered on the coast of Scotland, Adam Hunter and the rest of the British Museum team are dispatched to investigate. 
They discover two items of interest on board; a gold bar belonging to the fabled missing Nazi Gold Trains, and the body of a British soldier of the Suffolk Regiment.
With these two clues, Adam and the team set out across Europe in a thrilling adventure in search of the infamous Gold Trains, chased by other treasure hunters and ghosts from their past who will stop at nothing to claim the promised riches. However, their hunt awakens a terrible force that has been waiting decades to be released. 

This is the third book in Martin Ferguson’s “Relic Hunters” series and it is just as good as the first two!

This time, we find the Hunter brothers and their team from the British Museum on the trail of a German U-Boat which has been found off the coast of Scotland. Problem is, this U-Boat was (supposedly) never used and certainly never around Scotland. When the team arrives, they encounter rival relic hunters (of course!) and the adventure begins!

As with the other two books, Mr. Ferguson has incorporated a second historical storyline into the book. This time it involves British soldiers during WWII. Private Andrew Cooper, who joined the Suffolk Regiment when he was too young, is the main character in this part of the story. The descriptions of the horrors that this Regiment encountered at Dunkirk and during D-Day are poignant and wonderfully written.

These books are enjoyable for readers of all ages. The action is plentiful, but not too gory for the younger readers (or the squeamish!). Of course, my favorite character has to be the impetuous Adam Hunter, who never seems to learn how to contain himself and is constantly in trouble. The rival relic hunters always add a lot of action to these books and this one is no exception.

I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys “Warehouse 13”, “The Librarian”, or “Raiders”. The way that Mr. Ferguson intertwines two stories and meshes them together make this series unique. I am not sure of the actual historical accuracy of his descriptions, but I don’t read these books for a history lesson. What he has written is very believable and entertaining.

I hope that this series continues for a long time because it has become my favorite guilty pleasure in reading. Thanks, Mr. Ferguson, for sharing the Relic Hunters with your readers!


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