Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday

It’s Friday so it’s time for a roundup of this week with a five things Friday, with thanks to Kimberly Faye Reads for the prompt 🙂

New to my Queue

As you’ll soon see, one of my favourite reads this week was This Mortal Coil, I had to go out and get book 2 the day after I finished!  I’m not likely to get to it this month but I wanted to make sure I got the first edition Waterstones print (it has double helix print edges) to match book one!

My Favourite book(s) this Week

As you’ll now know my favourite read this week was This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada, it was a much needed breath of fresh dystopian air for me. I’ve wanted to get more dystopian and sci fi reads in as I’ve just been in too much of a fantasy rut and this ticked all the boxes for me.  A destroyed world, an evil genius, tons of future tech and a whole load of twists.  It’s quite an easy read as well I felt like the pages turned themselves. The other bonus is that this was the book which completed my Goodreads challenge of 75 books – I’m so happy it was a 5*

When I wasn’t reading

Not much change in that I’m still enjoying playing Ni No Kuni 2 when I’m not reading. It was also Little Miss Playgrounds birthday this week, amongst her presents was an Owlcrate Jr box which she loved and we also had a Ravenclaw Birthday cake decorated with Bertie Bots every flavour beans – that was quite an interesting experience….. With November comes Bonfire night in the UK, the youngest playground dweller is not a fan of fireworks because of the bangs but we really wanted to go to a display this year, we went armed with ear defenders which didn’t help in any way – it was an amazing display though, I just hope he feels better about it next year!

Pic of the Week

I adore how this pic of Little Miss Playground came out!  Owlcrate Jr are now doing a photo challenge with their boxes (they may always have but we missed it last time) This months box was themed Mail Call and she’s writing a letter to Owlcrate for the prompt 🙂

Looking Ahead

It’s going to be a quiet week next week I think, we have my bestie coming to stay this weekend so I’m so excited about that as we only get to catch up in person a couple of times a year! I’m going to keep going through my tbr with Carve the Mark next on the list. I’m also going to have to *whispers* start Christmas shopping soon, i’m hoping Black Friday will be my friend for some bigger items!

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