Bookish Ramblings: November Wrap Up

Today is the final day of November and rather than a traditional Five Things Friday I thought I would do a wrap up for the month.

The most amazing news this month, and I still can’t quite believe it, is that I reached 1k followers on Instagram!  I remember almost  year ago posting that I had reached 100 which seemed huge so this is something quite special.  If you follow me on there, thank you so so much for sharing my bookish world in pictures, if you’re not, I would love it if you wanted to come and join me!

It’s been a great month for crates and other bookish items too, this is down to it being an Illumicrate month and also down to black Friday deals.  I was so happy with this months Fairyloot, their theme was Battles and Galaxies and was a really gorgeous box which featured a Lunar Chronicles item, you can find my full unboxing here.  As I said, it was also the Illumicrate quarter and this was their 3rd year Anniversary box and again you can catch a full unboxing here.  Final bookish box was the Nerd Poured Candle Crate Magical Beasts box, timed to match the release of The Crimes of Grindewald, it contained one of my favourite pins ever – I only got it today though so you’ll need to check back on Sunday for a full unboxing. Other goodies were candles from my favourite candle supplier Bookish Burns, I picked up their brand new design Lunar Gift and Dreamer candles on a black friday deal. Other Black Friday bargains was the Grisha Trilogy for £5, the Red Queen series for £8 and the special edition Throne of Glass for £9 – needless to say I have never been so poor!

My favourite reads this month have been This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada and The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi.  They were very different books. This Mortal Coil was full of dystopian goodness, heart thumping situations and a ton of science and tech.  The Gilded Wolves was a period fantasy, sumptuous, full of mystery and had enough puzzles to leave Lara Croft scratching her head! I’m looking forward to carrying on with the mortal coil series in December with This Cruel Design and also starting the Red Queen books!

Looking ahead I’m on the final stretch of Ni No Kuni 2, I’ve spent 70 hours of my life on that game so far lol and I’m excited as next week we’re finally getting to see The Crimes of Grindewald on a rare day that Mr Playground and I get to ourselves! We celebrate Christmas in this bunker so we’ll be getting our tree up this weekend and I’m hoping for many twinkly IG pics from it.

I’ll be back with a normal 5 things next Friday, but tell me what was your favourite thing this month, great book or anything really!


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