Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday

It’s time for a Five Things Friday which is late today as wordpress has completely changed overnight and i’m still trying to find out where everything is! I think that this will be better in the long run as it seems to have lots more features but I just need to get to grips with them.

New to my queue

New to my queue this week is Struck by Victoria Kinnaird.  Whilst superhero isn’t my go to genre I do love Kinnaird’s writing and her Red Sun Rising series was one of my favourites last year, so I have high hopes for this!  I managed to pick it up for a release day price of 99p on kindle too! 

Capes are stupid.
Superheroes are just wishful thinking.
True love doesn’t exist.
I’m not a hero.
Well…not yet

A seventeen-year-old hacker, a group of teenage superheroes and one hell of a family secret come together to form the perfect storm. 
Are you ready to get struck?

Favourite read of the week

I was really surprised by Red Queen, for obvious correlations I had it in my head that this would be a historical fantasy but I was chuffed to discover that it is in fact a dystopian!  I loved the writing style which helped me to really connect with the characters, I also loved that it didn’t shy away from it’s bleakness and I’m glad that I decided to give this series a go.

When I wasn’t reading

This week I entered the final year of my 30’s and to celebrate I finally got to see Fantastic Beasts 2 at the cinema and I absolutely loved it, I even didn’t mind Jude Law as Dumbledore as much as I thought I would! I also saw a trailer for the new Mortal Engines film adaptation and I have to say that after a stellar teaser trailer this full length trailer has left me feeling underwhelmed – i think I may save the babysitter token for when Battle Angel Alita comes out after the festive season. I also finally completed the main story mode on Ni No Kuni 2, it only took me 75 hours lol

Pic of the week

I have been suffering so badly with the light at the moment, my muggle job has had some pretty long days and there has been little in the way of natural light by the time I get home, grotty damp weekends haven’t helped for stocking up pics either, but following on from my birthday I’m choosing my birthday haul post, which meant I finally got hold of the special edition Six of Crows!

Looking ahead

Next Friday I’ll be heading out to see the Rocky Horror Show on stage, I’m going as Columbia which means I have a ton of sparkles to get sparkling with – I have been procrastinating terribly though and all I have managed to make so far is a sparkly bow tie – but at least it’s a start and I have 6 days to do everything else! I don’t expect to get much reading done and if the blog is a little lacking in content next week that will be why – sorry in advance. 

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