Review of The Prophet (Hate Apocalypse #5) by Jo Michaels

It’s one year until the apocalypse of 12.21.12 is supposed to take place. 
Burning buildings, screaming babies, and death will surround us.
It will be the end of the world.
That can’t be allowed.
When six powerful women come together with one goal—to save humanity—they’ll get much more than they bargained for. They join forces and learn to use the gifts hidden within themselves to battle a monster feeding off something too many of us feel in our souls: Hate. But they must first learn how to forgive—themselves as well as others.
Hate is birthing a creature dwelling under Central Park in New York, and the fiend is eager to burst forth and sink his fangs into the Earth.
The Fury, The Visionary, The Beguiler, The Siren, The Prophet, and The Mystic are our last hope, and even they aren’t sure if they can win.
The end is coming, but with it, there may be a new beginning.


Coralie’s story is potentially divisive depending where you stand on a particular social issue, I would like to think though that whichever side a reader stands on, it can be agreed that nothing is deserving of such end treatment. In that though Jo Michaels really plays on perception, my feelings went from dread, to shock, to horror, to then then finding it hard to find common ground. Coralie’s story left me feeling similar to how I did with Lily and it’s going to be interesting how I end up feeling about each of them in the final showdown.  One things for certain, Coralie has the power I’m most intrigued about! I’m really finding each of these stories to be so full of emotion and each tackles a range of issues, which i’m finding pretty refreshing I have to say.


This book has a different pace to the others, or it felt like it did to me, because Coralie is the last of the group her story wasn’t curtailed by the introduction of the next and I felt that this had the most organic time line.  Markaza is out of time though and it’s finally time to learn her full story. We’ve had snatches over the last 5 books but now she’s got to come clean. The final book is full novel length which I’m excited for as it means we really have the opportunity to fully explore both Markaza’s story and finally learn what it is growing in Central Park!


1 thought on “Review of The Prophet (Hate Apocalypse #5) by Jo Michaels

  1. THANK YOU for the AWESOME review! My fingers are crossed the last book doesn’t let you down. 🙂 I reallllly enjoyed writing Markaza’s story, and I hope you’ll be surprised by how some of the things that happened in book one come to play in book six 🙂


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