Bookish Ramblings: Five things Friday

It’s Five things Friday time so here is my round up of my week in and out of books!

  1. New to my Queue

I received some wonderful bookmail this week! My lovely friend and Author, Rebecca Gibson sent me a copy of War Storm by Victoria Aveyard. I read Red Queen in December and I really loved it, although I only got the first 3 books as they came in a set, so she very kindly rounded off my collection šŸ™‚

2 My Favourite Book(s) this week

One of my favourite series at the moment is The Return of the Elves series by Bethany Adams. It’s an adult fantasy romance and Abyss is book 5 in the series. I loved that it was a real change to previous books, in that the tone is much darker – it was what the series really needed to keep it feeling fresh and I adored it. Abyss was interesting as it gave focus to the fact that the coveted Soulbond doesn’t always mean love. Also, Dragons!

3. When I wasn’t reading

Honestly, I think reading has been pretty much my life this week. I did however support a new small candle business, called Whizzpop candles, their candles are adorned with gorgeous little wax melts and I have been following their story on instagram for a couple of months, their store opened on Tuesday and if you want to take a look at there creative ideas you can find them on Etsy hereĀ  Today I also booked tickets for me and Little Miss Playground to meet Cressida Cowell (of How to Train your Dragon fame) in London next month – she’s having a party in Waterstones, Picadilly and we’ll probably head to a few other places whilst we are there!

4. Pic of the Week

This week something extraordinary happened in that I had the highest like count of a pic ever! I ordered some new props and had an idea in my head for a pic to celebrate the release of Evermore for a while. I loved how it turned out, and so did lots of others šŸ˜€

5. Looking Ahead

I’m hoping to start the first of my re-reads this week, with Harry Potter and the Philopsopher’s Stone, I’ve wanted to re-read these for an age as my mind is so skewed now by having seen the films more regularly that I’ve forgotten most of the finer points. I’m also looking forward to my Fairyloot arriving, it’s due tomorrow, the theme is Unbreakable Bonds. February I am skipping as i’m not a big enough fan of Beauty and the Beast to justify a whole box based on it, but I’m going to keep the money aside as they have announced that their first ever special edition box will be theme on Finale which is the 3rd and final book in Stephanie Garber’s Caraval trilogy – i’m excited!


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