Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday

Rounding up my week with a Five things Friday as usual 🙂

New to my Queue

IT’S HERE! I have this gorgeous exclusive signed Waterstones edition of King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo – It feels like forever ago that I pre-ordered this! Nikolai was the saving grace of the Grisha Trilogy for me, I loved every moment he was on the page, so when a duology purely based on him was announced I just had to get in there.

Favourite Book(s) this week

Very little book completion this week, I managed a re-read of Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone though which is always awesome!

When I wasn’t reading

It’s been the last week before payday so it’s been a pretty quiet week and It’s involved rather more TV than usual. We’ve caught up with the ABC Murders from Christmas, got totally sucked in by the new series of True Detective, Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch made out heads figuratively explode and New Girl is still my favourite programme ever. I’ve been a little disappointed with the opening episodes of the Orville and Star Trek Discovery so I hope they’ll pick up, even if they don’t I have plenty to read!

Pic of the Week

It’s always a little bit special when the author who’s book you feature in a pic takes the time to like and comment. I loved State of Sorrow last year and realised it had been a while since I featured it in one of my pics, so armed with some new props I took this one in an effort to recreate the feel of the cover, Melinda Salisbury commented and and it really did make my day!

Looking Ahead

Now that pay day has arrived I’ve been able to order quite a large amount of the Geeky Clean “Bath house of the Spirits” collection, so if you’re a fan of Ghibli then keep an eye out for an unboxing! It’s also the smallest playground dwellers belated birthday party tomorrow so i’m preparing for soft play madness and pokemon 🙂


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