Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday

Sorry it’s a bit late today, I blame Lauren James (see below) but here is my five things this Friday!

New to my Queue

One of the most exciting things in my time as a blogger has happened, I have been sent an ARC from Bloomsbury publishing who have accepted me on to their reviewer list. The first book I have received is Dark Blade by Steve Feasey, it’s not due for general release until July – because I want to make a good first impression i’m going to bump this up the tbr, I really hope that I love it as I would like to be able to leave a positive review for the first book they have sent me.

Favourite Book(s) this week

Oh my! If you’ve not read Lauren James’s The Loneliest Girl in the Universe yet, please do consider adding it to your tbr lists. I’ve read it in under a day and it’s something pretty special. A YA sci-fi standalone, it’s told in a first person perspective of a 17 year old dealing with being the sole remaining crew member on a mission to locate a second Earth. It deals superbly with mental health issues, specifically anxiety and survivors guilt. It is full of twists which even I failed to see coming, it’s a 5* for sure!

When I wasn’t reading

It’s been a long week in the muggle job and I have also been working on formatting in the evenings so I have to admit I’ve not done much else. I entered into a rep search on Instagram for a new pop culture based candle store called Whizzpop Candles, sadly I didn’t get selected for Bookish Burns but it didn’t stop me picking up some of their candles this week, they released a special King of Scars candle which I’m hoping will arrive before I finish reading the book so I can have it burning at the same time. I have these little quirks where I try and match a bookmark and candle into the book I’m reading – although I realise I’ve now brought this back round to reading when it’s the “when I wasn’t reading” section!

Pic of the week

Monday was World Cancer Day and to mark this I selected Utterances by Jo Michael’s for my tribute. Utterances gives a pretty unique take on treating those who are suffering, it’s an emotional one for sure, but the fantasy element keeps it well on balance.

Looking Ahead

I’ve got a Geeky Clean order arriving very soon, it’s their Bath House of the Spirits Collection, inspired by Studio Ghibli! This range looks fantastic and Little Miss Playground will be joining me for an unboxing on my IG stories, I’ll post an unboxing on the blog too so don’t worry if you’re not on IG!

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