Bookish Ramblings: Five things Friday

It’s Friday, you know the drill!

New to my Queue

I’m pretty lucky to be Arc reading for two great authors and friends this week. I’m reading Betrayal by Lydia Sherrer, ready for an editorial review (nothing like reviewing under pressure!) and Awakening by Bethany Adams, I vowed not to leave it so long between her books and considering I read Abyss last month I’m doing well with that! Reviews for both coming very soon.

Favourite book(s) this week.

I’m putting King of Scars in for this week, I didn’t outright love it as much as I wanted to, but I think I put it on too high a pedestal if I’m being honest. It was full of feels and I did enjoy a lot of it, just not all…..

When I wasn’t reading

I’ve been pretty poorly this week, I’ve had that horrible flu which left me with chills and heavy achy limbs for days. You would think that would mean prime reading time but I’ve not been able to concentrate fully. One thing I have done though is that I have added another page to the menu of this blog, so if you wanted to catch up with all my bookstagram posts without having to go to Instagram – or if you don’t have instagram and you want to see what I’ve been up to over there – follow the Instagram link on the menu bar!

Pic of the Week

As before, I’ve been pretty poorly which has meant that I’ve not been feeling that creative, so I’ve not posted much on IG this week, however in honour of Valentines day, I did this post featuring a gorgeous new candle from Bookish Burns, they consistently knock it out of the park with their fragrances and this one my have just become my favourite!

Looking ahead

I’ve got a fair bit of Arc reading to do in the evenings, but it’s half term here in the UK and Little Miss Playground and I will be heading to London Town to meet Cressida Cowell for a How to Train your Dragon party – there will also be a trip to the Harry Potter Primark (as locally they never stock anything Ravenclaw) and if we have time we’re going to squeeze in a trip to the flagship forbidden planet for all our Pusheen and Funko pop needs 🙂

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