Review of Betrayal (Love, Lies and Hocus Pocus #5) by Lydia Sherrer

Would you betray your friends to save them?
It has been months since Lily Singer’s harrowing adventure in England, yet there has still been no word of her father or Morgan le Fay. Far from being able to relax, Lily has been kept busy doing the last thing in the world she ever imagined: dating Sebastian Blackwell.
Insanity must run in her family.
Things start to get interesting—that is, bothersome and entirely inconvenient—when former beau and FBI agent, Richard Grant, asks for help investigating a series of occult-related murders. Lily would rather decontaminate Sebastian’s mold-ridden car than open that can of worms, yet she might not have a choice. For a whisper has spread throughout the magical underworld—a rumor of creatures that will pit friend against friend and resurrect shadows from the past.

It’s so lovely to be back in the world of Lily and Sebastian, it’s like a warm cozy blanket of a series, although I have to admit given the way things ended in book 4, I was apprehensive about how would pan out. I have to admit that I was pretty surprised! The usual format with the story remains with 2 parts separated by an interlude, part one starting not too far from the closing events of the last but with enough time for some semblance of normality to return. In this first part there is a recap of the previous instalment. This is done in a really subtle way and doesn’t feel pushed into the story, it’s perfect for anyone who hasn’t read book 4 since it was released.

But I know that what you all really want to know about is what is happening with Lily and Sebastian! Setting up your two main protagonists in a potential relationship is always going to be a difficult dynamic to traverse. I have to say, whilst it was something I had been rooting for, I was worried about how it would affect their characters. It was therefore important to get this part right and I have to admit I found Sherrer’s approach to be refreshing. The potential for romance can sometimes lead to
the story being overrun by it, and whilst Lily and Sebastian are often frustrating in their courtship, they are also really endearing. Not all relationships start as epic love stories and the opening lines about
opposites attract, does set the tone perfectly for them.

The second part truly shows off Sherrer’s writing skill, as an utterly breathtaking action packed set piece takes up much of the final quarter of the book. That this level of action continues without let up or feeling repetitive is really something special, I defy anyone to put it down in these final stages. From Agent Grant to the Fae, everyone plays a part in this show down which takes more than one or two unexpected twists.

What I really liked about the book as a whole was the full introduction of a new big bad, for those who have also read the novella Cat Magic there will be a familiarity already. I didn’t feel that the story needed a break from John Faust, until one was there and it actually gave a refreshing change of pace and given the fragility of Lily and Sebastian’s situation I think adding John Faust to the mix may have left the book feeling angsty. Sir Kipling remains the real star of the piece and of the series as a whole, he brings things together so perfectly often voicing/meowing the opinions that needed to be said. The ending is unexpected, whilst the
epilogues traditionally wrap things up, this one ends on a real cliff hanger which isn’t usual for the series, but honestly, It couldn’t have ended any other way.

I loved this book just as I have loved every one before it, 5*

Betrayal is released on 28th February and is currently available for pre-order through Amazon 

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