Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday

It’s time for a weekly wrap up!

New to my Queue

Now I dabble in Netgalley, I’m by no means a top rank reviewer on there and so I rarely get selected for the books I request, I can merrily request about 10 and get maybe 1 or 2 back tops, this week I requested 8 and got 4! So now I have to get to reading otherwise my rating (as it is) will plummet, so It’s a good thing I didn’t overstretch myself with my Tbr this month!  I have 4 new books this week which are Descendant of the Crane by Joan He (a total cover request,) Smoke and Key by Kelsey Sutton, Dark Shores by Danielle L Jenson, and Stronger than a Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan – I’m going to be hella busy – so much for getting some Zelda in this week!

Favourite Read(s) this Week

Hands down my favourite read this week is Song of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury, it’s honestly one of those rare occasions where 5 stars just don’t cut it. This conclusion to State of Sorrow was exceptional and I just couldn’t stop reading, I was so sad for it to end and I have a new book boyfriend in Luvian Fen, If you’ve not yet read this duology I strongly recommend you give it a whirl! I’ve also finished Awakening by Bethany Adams which was another 5* read in her fabulous Return of the Elves series.

When I wasn’t reading

I’ve been continuing on with changing things over after the rebrand, this blog is nearly sorted with just a couple of tweaks left, sadly facebook are dragging their heels, I’ve had to submit a ton of stuff to them to prove that I am re-branding and not just whimsically picking a name out of thin air, I’m hoping to get things changed over soon, I don’t relish the idea of starting from scratch but it’s looking like I might have to. I’ve got new rep codes to for you to make a note of: Geeky Clean is now Paperbackandpinot10 and Whizzpop Candles is Paperbacks10 I got my influencer pack through from them last Saturday so I’ll get an unboxing up for you soon so you can see just how gorgeous their candles are!

Pic of the week

Because this week I started my influencer period for Whizzpop Candles I thought I would share this pic featuring their Enchanted Apple candle, fragranced with honeyed apples it’s a really lovely fragrance. It’s inspired by The Cruel Prince, but we all know how much I dislike that series but I thought it was the perfect accompaniment to Winter of my favourite Lunar Chronicles 🙂

Looking ahead

Despite all my Netgalley approvals, I want to start on my re-read of Caraval pretty soon, so I can read Legendary in April ready for Finale in May. I have decided not to get the Fairyloot special edition box as honestly I have better things to spend nearly £60 on and I’ll be getting a normal Fairyloot in May anyway – I have however, pre-ordered the Waterstones signed edition instead and I’m sure there will be a ton of merch coming out anyway for it on release.

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