Bookish Ramblings: Five things Friday

It’s finally Friday so let’s have a round up of what’s been happening this week!

New to my Queue

Well netgalley really is the gift that keeps on giving, I’m honestly going to give it a break after this round, 2 more are on my shelf this week, which makes 6 out of the 8 requests which is truly unheard of! They’re both older books which must be needing a boost, but added this week is Nyxia by Scott Reintgen and Song of the Dead by Douglas Lindsay.

Favourite Book this week

I totally loved Descendant of the Crane by Joan He, the cover is amazing as are the words inside, its a bit of a slow start and i did feel a bit thrown in to the narrative but after that quickly settled down it was honestly fantastic, great twists and reveals, plus its a standalone!

When I wasn’t reading

Facebook have finally changed my page name! It was such an effort though, I had to appeal 3 times and honestly I think they just realised I wasn’t going to let it go and out of the blue it was just done! I’ve also booked tickets to go and see the Rocky Horror Show again next month, I have to admit that I had rather too many wines when I went for my birthday in December so the full experience was a bit lost, but as I’m designated driver this time I’m going to take in all the goodness and I get to dress up again!

Pic of the Week

Honestly I have had pretty much 0 in the way of feeling inspired this week, I used up the he ones I did in advance on a creative day but the last 2 days have been abandoned ideas that just didn’t form the way I wanted. This picture though featuring my favourite Lunar Chronicles and a fabulous Whizzpop candle was my most popular this week so lets run with that!

Looking ahead

Well I’m still on the Negalley reads but I am going to need a break from my kindle soon, I’m part way through my Caraval re-read and I need to start Priory of the Orange tree if i’m going to get that completed by the end of the month as I hoped. That reminds me that I’m not sure when the pre-order poster will come through, hopefully not too long away now though. There is also a chance that the March Fairyloot might be with me by the end of the week, I really missed not getting a box in February and given how badly they dropped the ball for me with their last anniversary box i’m really hoping for good things this year, they’ve already said there will be 2 books so yay!

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