Bookish Ramblings: Six for Sunday – Bookish Couples

I missed out on the #sixforsunday last week, the littlest one was poorly and I was fighting with facebook over my blog re-brand and honestly, I wasn’t feeling inspired – but I’m back this week and I will hopefully revisit last weeks prompt when I get stuck later on! But bookish couples is this weeks prompt and I have tried to stay away from the more obvious choices…. Whilst most are from established series, if you’re yet to read Song of Sorrow you might want to look away to avoid spoilers.

Cress and Thorne – The Lunar Chronicles

It’s no secret that The Lunar Chronicles is pretty much my favourite series and out of couples Cress and Thorne top the list. The sheltered, easily led Cress with a great talent for comedy moments and lightening the mood in any situation, combined with the dashing, self obsessed and disgraced captain Thorne. Thorne is a character that many struggle to warm to because he is a bit of an ass but put him together with Cress and his arrogance becomes an easy charm, treating Cress in a beautifully endearing way.

Sorrow and Luvian – State of Sorrow

Honestly I think Luvian has become my new favourite book boyfriend, his and Sorrow’s relationship evolves in a glorious way, I love their banter and sarcasm with each other, entirely comfortable in all that they do, embracing their differences and generally being awesome together. They make a brilliant team and I love how Luvian always has a trick up his sleeve.

Henry and Claire – Time Travellers Wife

This book means a lot to me and is probably one of the most re-read on my shelf. Henry and Claire have probably the most unorthodox relationship but the way that their story runs parallel and combines is wonderfully done, so much joy and heartbreak but with some wonderful oddities too that take this far away from the realms of a traditional contemporary romance and make it one of the most accessible science fiction reads.

Daenerys and Drogo – Game of Thrones

Whilst only really a fleeting relationship in the bigger picture of the series, their relationship is the catalyst for much of the future of the books. The surprising gentleness of the feared warrior and the fierce determination of the exiled royal make a formidable power couple. Daenarys holding her own against the Dothraki naysayers is powerful and despite first impressions there is wonderful equality in their relationship.

Lazlo and Sarai – Strange the Dreamer

Strange the Dreamer is one of the most hauntingly beautiful duology’s I have read and that is mainly down to the relationship between Lazlo and Sarai, the dream connection and the world they created for themselves within was so sweet and heartbreaking, that such a normal life was impossible for either of them which made the way Strange ended all the more difficult to accept.

Yrene and Chaol – Tower of Dawn

I know that this one is going to be divisive but I think that Chaol really shone in Tower of Dawn. Yrene was my favourite novella from the Assassin’s Blade and I think that they are such a perfect pairing. The slow burn of their relationship in an almost enemies to lovers way (almost) really drove Tower of Dawn forward and I love the connection they have

Did any of my choices match yours? Let me know who you would have chosen 🙂

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