Review of the Bigfoot Files by Derek Borne

Your Mission:
Suit up with the Ultimate Agent and Specialist on an off-the-books assignment to Umatilla Forest in Oregon.
The Target – Bigfoot
Known Aliases: Sasquatch, Yeti.
Valid or Myth Status: Unconfirmed 
Mission Data – Confidential
The Ultimate Agency’s heroes are brought in to take down a potential threat. How probable? Skeptics and believers have clashed over the existence of the Bigfoot for decades. Is it real or fake? Or perhaps it is something different than previously assumed?

Derek Borne has done it again. After inventing an all-new super hero world with his Ultimate Agency series in 2018, Borne has allowed his readers a once in a lifetime opportunity; the chance to see the truth behind Big Foot. His characters The Specialist and The Ultimate Agent, are the same smart mouthed, quick-witted, and action soaked super heros from the original series. Now, in their Mini-Missions, we get to see even more action from them, including more whizz-kid gadgets from the Specialist’s tool belt. For those readers anxiously awaiting to see what Derek has in store for The Ultimate Agent Book 3, this book should satiate them for the moment. The Mini Mission is just that, it’s a short, quick read, and it’s well put together. There is a clear story arc. Emotional connection is in full force despite the shortness of the book, and it is over all too soon, but not without the promise of more. By far, the most interesting point of the book is the care with which Borne addresses prejudice. No more can be revealed without spoilers, but here’s to hoping we see more quick reads that pack the punch this novella does. Because if the world needs more of anything, it needs more heroes like Derek’s.


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