Six for Sunday – Ode to my favourite Genre

This weeks #sixforsunday focuses on my favourite genre, which is YA fantasy of course!

It’s pure escapism

I have a really stressful muggle job which steers me away from contemporary in a big way, I have enough of other peoples lives from 9-5 so to come home and read it just isn’t going to happen. I also find traditional adult fantasy sometimes far too heavy going and difficult to get me head round when I’m mentally exhausted. So to have gorgeous fantasy worlds, full of adventure and friendship that are easy to read are perfect for my evenings wind down.

It doesn’t matter that I’m not the age demographic

So I’m 40 in 9 months and whilst I’m clearly not the audience the author is writing for, I find that for the most part there are always elements which still make the books accessible for me, only occasionally do I find myself reading a true teen book which I struggle with. The thing is, I read my age. So I don’t see these characters as teenagers they are usually all late 20’s early 30’s in my mind (because in my mind I can’t accept that I’m 40 this year.) The glorious part of it is that I am not alone, so many friends and groups feel the same as me so I always have someone to talk to about my interpretation of the story.

Strong representation is everywhere

YA fantasy is by far the most inclusive genre I read. Race, gender, and sexuality are often dealt with sensitively and are seamlessly woven into the story. I am loving the #ownvoice books that I have been reading lately as well as they bring authenticity and added depth to the words on the page.

They are stories that I can share with my children

My oldest is 9 this year and is as big a bookworm as a I am. I love that so many books on my shelf are from fandoms she’s already aware of, like The Hunger Games, and because I have read them all myself not only do I have the benefit of steering her away from the few that I feel send the wrong message or perhaps closer to the NA side of YA, it also means that we can talk and fangirl and have a huge bonding experience. I will get there with my son too, but he’s only 4 so we’ve a little while to go.

The bookstagram in insane

I’ve been on Bookstagram for 18 months now and the sense of being there is amazing, so many inspiring, beautiful photographs, I didn’t know shelf envy was a thing until I started. It’s probably the biggest reason my bookshelf has quadrupled in size, I just see gorgeous looking books that I have to have, as if some unknown and unseen force is dragging me to Waterstone’s to find them – from sprayed edges to hidden covers, bookstagram makes me want to have them all.

Fandom Merchandise

From book subscription boxes, small businesses and Etsy sellers, I have never known fandom merchandise like YA fantasy inspires. Bookmarks, pins, hats, scarves, prints and candles, oh the candles. If there is a book you love then you are guaranteed to find something to stoke your fandom fires. From the most amazing fan art to even a cup of tea, you’re bank account will never forgive you.

Tell me what your favourite fandom is in the comments and whether you agree with my reasons for choosing YA fantasy!

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