Unboxing: Fairyloot March Favourites box

I approached this months Fairyloot with trepidation as it was their fabled anniversary box. Looking back to last years box I feel I may have over reacted with my anger as it was actually a good box, including one of my favourite reads of 2018 but it just didn’t live up to the hype surrounding it – I expected something more, which I’m happy to say I got this year! As is customary the anniversary box is a lovely shade of purple rather than the usual black.

The first and probably most beautiful item I have ever had in a book box was a gorgeous bookshelf scarf showcasing a number of amazing YA reads. I’ve already worn it loads, but trying to get my favourite book spine on display is tricky! Now here is the thing with the scarf, for the eagle eyed amongst you there are some spelling errors. Fairyloot’s initial response was that it should be treated like the work of art it is, an interpretation by the artist. However they soon backtracked and announced they would be replacing the scarf. Now here’s the thing, Fairyloot have very sensibly offered the option to opt out of a replacement, which I have done. I love the scarf as it is and honestly I would rather they didn’t spend the next few boxes clawing back the cost of replacements with substandard items as they have really upped their content in recent months. Also as a wearable we had a pair of Alice in Wonderland inspired bookish socks – I LOVE bookish socks and the quality is much improved from when they started the other year, given that they are one size they fit my child sized feet perfectly although not always good with my cankles lol

Also included was a lovely metal bookmark inspired by Strange the Dreamer with one of my favourite quotes, and so I don’t miss out on keeping those quotes flagged in future we also got page tabs. I know they featured these not so long ago but I didn’t get that box so I’m happy to have them now! There were prints in the box too, the Warcross inspired one looks amazing, the other 2 I’m not part of the fandom so let me know if you want them! It looks like Fairyloot are also making an enamel pin for each of their boxes now which makes my heart very happy, this months was understandably their logo. Before I get to the books, there was a new fandom for the tarot cards this month with Six of Crows – I’m super happy about this and also that the first we get is Wylan and Jesper ❤ I can’t wait to see who gets featured next month, I have a feeling it will be Nina and Matthias though.

There were 2 amazing books featured in this anniversary box the first was Viper by Bex Hogan, by chance I actually got to read this as an e arc through Netgalley a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it, so to get it in paperback, signed and with an exclusive cover was fantastic and I am so happy to have it – also if you’re quick you can also submit your Fairyloot receipt to register for the pre-order incentive (confirmed by Team BKMRK today to me on twitter.) The second and main book was To Best the Boys by Mary Weber, correctly guessed by book box sherlocks. I’m intrigued by this as it’s not a book I would have bought myself, I’m not in love with the title – but high stakes maze has a Maze Runner feel about it so we’ll see! It’s again signed with sprayed edges – for that satisfying sound when you turn the pages fresh for the first time.

I really enjoyed this box and relieved that they are taking a break from candles still, I do wish they would be more environmentally friendly though with their packaging in future – so much individual plastic wrapping for each item is pretty unnecessary especially when you times it by the thousands that they probably ship to. Fairyloot please take note if you’re reading this! Next months boxed is themed Dark Magic so I’m hoping for plenty of witchy goodness to come!

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