Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday

I’m not sure if I’ll do these every week any more, I’m don’t if a weekly round up really allows enough time for things of interest to happen so I may do these fortnightly or maybe move to a monthly wrap up. But for now back to the traditional!

New to my Queue

The lovey people at Titan Books have kindly provided me with an Arc of Snakeskins by Tim Major – it’s all to do with rejuvenation and cloning and has been likened to the T.V show Humans, which I love, so I’m excited to start reading this tonight – look out for a Friday night wine IG post!

Favourite Book(s) this week

I’ve not read as much as usual as I’ve been formatting this week but I did manage to fit in a re-read of Legendary by Stephanie Garber. I did this as a buddy read with the wonderful Sylv from Whizzpop candles. I’m glad I re-read this for 2 reasons, firstly so I’m up to speed for when Finale comes out in May, and Secondly because when I read it the first time round it wasn’t under the best of conditions. We were away for a week, the kids weren’t sleeping as they were sharing a room and I was exhausted – It was my holiday read and I was determined to get through it. Truth is, first read I was non plussed, second read I absolutely adored it! So roll on May for Finale!

When I wasn’t reading

As I’ve already mentioned, most of my evenings have been spent formatting, however we did take a break at the weekend to go to a theme park. I love that my daughter has the same thrill for rollercoasters as I do and we had a blast! It was an expensive weekend but well worth it.

Pic of the Week

I can’t believe I’m already halfway into my influencer period for Whizzpop candles. I really love their candles and so happy to have found them! Whilst I have started to burn a few I just had to show off the ones that were still intact, including my daughters Adora candle inspired by She-Ra, I’m still blown away that Sylv gave her reveal kudos for unboxing that! You can find their Etsy store here and you can use my code Paperbacks10 to save across the store!

Looking ahead

I’m aiming for a relaxing week next week, although I’m at the muggle job my evenings will be my own again for one week at least. Chapter.con London is coming up in June and I’m looking at putting together a blogger swag pack for the authors in attendance, so I’ll be looking to source fun things for not a lot of money. I’m getting there with Priory of the Orange tree – it’s a great book but it really is one that is a real pick up and put downer. Once I’m caught up with my Arcs, I’m going to give it the attention it deserves.

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