Bookish Ramblings: May wrap up!

Last month was a funny one in that I really didn’t get half as much done as I wanted. I had a formatting project that was more complicated than I thought it would be and also a family holiday, this meant that my actual time for reading and blogging was pretty diminished. Thank you for sticking with my sporadic posts this month, I’m hoping to get back to normal in June, although I do have a weekend at Chapter.con to look forward to!

In May I read five books and listened to one audio book, it was a good reading month and my average star rating was 4! I received some wonderful review copies from Titan books, The Girl in Red and Green Valley being real stand outs in this months reading – there will be reviews coming for these very soon. Sadly, despite all my excitement, Finale just didn’t deliver for me at all. It was my most anticipated read for the month but ended up my least favourite, I have to say I’m pretty gutted but relieved that I didn’t fork out for the fairyloot special edition box. Sadly, my influencer term for Whizzpop candles came to an end yesterday and I didn’t get selected to stay on for the next term. Thank you to everyone who used my code to get a discount on these amazing candles, I’m now looking forward to burning more of them as I don’t have to keep them back for IG pics!

At the time of writing I still haven’t received tracking for my May Fairyloot but I’m hoping it will be here by the end of the week – I’m mindful that I’ve not done an unboxing for a while and I need to change that! I did receive May’s Illumicrate but I was so disappointed with the items that I didn’t want to post such a negative unboxing. The book however, was spectacular and I’m super happy to have a signed copy of Aurora Rising finally, especially after my Goldsboro disappointment.

In more positive news, I’ve been selected to be a panellist at Chapter.con in June! I’ll be on the blogger panel hopefully talking about growing relationships between authors and bloggers. I’m currently working with the gorgeous Anita at Sugar and Sloth and also Moonluxe Candles to put together some special goody bags for the event. It’s going to be the longest I’ve ever been away from the children (2 nights) so I hope I don’t end up missing them too much. I’m asking questions at the moment on my IG stories to help gather info to take to the con with me as I think it will be really helpful to the authors there, pop on over if you have a minute.

Looking ahead, we’re going to be watching the new series of Good Omens on Amazon, we saw the first episode last night and absolutely loved it, going to try and get that watched this week! I’m going on an impromptu visit to the Harry Potter studio tomorrow – someone dropped out of a get together and I get to reap the rewards – it will be my 4th visit lol, but the new Gringotts section has opened which I’ve not seen before. Insofar as reading goes, I am not going to set myself any sort of tbr or reading goal. Review copies coming in take priority and for the last few months I have not reached my goals even though they are realistic ones, so I’m just going to see where reading takes me!

What’s been your favourite thing (bookish or not) in June?

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