Unboxing the May Fairyloot: Unlikely Romances Box

Today, I’m unboxing the May Unlikely Romances box from Fairyloot! But it’s June you say? Well the boxes this month were delayed because of publishing rights for the book, plus we had a bank holiday in the UK, and finally it was my turn to be at the end of the dispatch queue. I got my box yesterday, helpfully left out in the open by Hermes….. Before the box arrived I have to say I was apprehensive, the box was said to feature items inspired by the Cruel Prince and the Shatter Me series, which if you’ve followed me for while will know that they are my two least favourite series! I needn’t have worried though and actually feel that this was my favourite box in a while! Why’s that? Well it wasn’t filled with paper items and only one item wasn’t really for me, so yay!

I had only been thinking to myself the other day that I missed having candles in Fairyloot, I think it’s been 3-4 boxes since the last one so I was very happy to have had one in this box and it’s a Starfall candle by Little heart gifts inspired by the ACOTAR series – happy days! Fragranced with fresh lillies and bamboo, it’s quite a nice fragrance, however, it is very subtle, but the proof will be in the burning. The Shatter Me item was in fact a travel mug created by KDP Letters, with an amazing quote “I spent my life folded between the pages of books” This is also made of bamboo and feels very light and sturdy with a matching sleeve to keep my hands from burning! Has anyone tried taking one of these into a coffee shop, will they use them? I missed the last mug they featured, so I’m super happy with it! The Cruel Prince item was also a surprise, a crown shaped keychain by Fairyloot, which actually is wholly cumbersome in its intended form, but I’m taking off the key ring to leave me with a fabulous crown instagram prop – happy days again! Fairyloot designed a cute little mint tin too, which I know I will take everywhere, although I don’t know what Mr Paperbacks will think of it – although he’s probably known for a while that I’m mentally cheating on him with fictional characters. The only item from this photo that I wasn’t keen on were the magnetic bookmarks, I’ve not even heard of the Dawn and Flame but I’m sure I can pass them on to someone who has, It’s a cute set though and actually a manageable size as the magnetic bookmarks in boxes of late have been pretty huge!

Pouches have been featuring a lot in boxes recently but I absolutely love this one from Literary Lifestyle Company as the quote is fantastic. Although I have not read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor, I adore strange the dreamer and this quote has the same lyrical tone “Once upon a time an angel and a devil fell in love, it didn’t end well” the pouch is a good size and good quality with lining (much better than the recent booksleeves) it’s perfect for keeping my make up in 🙂 There was a cute little Magnus and Alec sticker along with a little notepad inspired by Girls of Paper and Fire. I’m returning to the 1950’s now when I say that I always like to see a tea towel in a box you can never have enough, so even though it has faces on it that are going to get mucky, I liked that there was a tea towel in this box. Based on the Selection series, which again i’ve not read, this is very useful yet I hate how conditioned I have become as a woman that items for domestic chores have me happy, whilst my husband was like “meh”

This month was also the concluding month for the Six of Crows inspired tarot cards, unsurprisingly given prior months this month featured Kaz and Inej – I always find it weird when I see interpretations of Kaz Brekker, they always reflect how young he actually is, whereas I always read characters closer to my own “ahem” advancing age lol. This months books looks fab too, The Beholder by Anna Bright wasn’t one that was on my radar at all, but a matching game where potential suitors are inspired by mythical creatures has really got my intrigue going, more so than most of the fairyloot books this year – the dusky pink sprayed edges are simply droolworthy and I can see this elbowing out most of the other patiently waiting books on my shelf!

All in all, I adored this months box and truly felt like I got more than value for my money – bravo Fairyloot!

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