Six for Sunday: Characters who deserve another/their own book

I’ve not done a #sixforsunday for a while, I’ve been so tired that being able to write coherently has been a bit hit and miss, but I’m going to give it a go today! When putting this post together I realised that I’m a actually a sucker for an origin story, I think because when series come to an end, for the most part authors are pretty good a wrapping up their story satisfactorily but woven in the pages are nuggets of history and tales of what has come before. These are the stories that I want to be told. There will be a *spoiler* for Stephanie Garber’s Finale in this post, I will put it as number 6 at the bottom of this post so you can read up to there if you want to!

Romy Silvers

In the only actual follow on character in this list, I would love to have known more about what came after. The story is amazing as a stand alone and I commend it for that, in a sea of trilogies, but a little follow up would be lovely. I’m a huge fan of prologues and epilogues – maybe Lauren James could be convinced to write a fair sized epilogue lol

The Order of the Phoenix

Not a character for this one but a cast of characters! Wouldn’t it be amazing to go back in time to read about James and Sirius’s friendship, the Longbottom’s before they became cursed? It would be amazing to find out more about what made them such a formidable team and how Dumbledore was involved. Exciting set pieces with fights against death eaters, scenes with Snape where we learn more about his divided loyalties – the possibilities are endless!

Luvian Fen

Lovely, lovely Luvian. State of Sorow is perhaps my favourite duology and that is mainly down to Luvian Fen. The bookish outcast in a family of thugs, his ability to put spin on every political situation is done with panache and charm. I do love him. But rather than a continuation of the story, I want to know how he learnt to be such a player. Stories of his scrapes and studies, his life experiences which shaped him. Whilst we get glimpses of this in Song of Sorrow, a little prequel novella would be amazing – if I was skilled in story telling in any way I would probably be fan fictioning all over this.

Lee Scoresby

One of the most endearing characters from the His Dark Materials trilogy, I adored Lee Scoresby and his daemon Hester. The charismatic aeronaut was able to charm everyone he met, befriending the witches, the panserbjorn and creating an alliance with Lyra. How did he become an aeronaut though, when did he first fly his balloon? He had so many adventures though, that it would be amazing to have a little short story collection recounting what has come before.


Amerantha was certainly crazy and evil – but Hybern’s highest general achieved a hell of a lot in her evil time, the capture of the high lords, the demise of Jurian, the curse on Tamlin, so much history – I get why her character had what happened happen at the end of ACOTAR but as evil villains go, she was a much better one that Hybern!



Paloma/Paradise the Lost

If you keep up with my reviews then you’ll know that Finale was sadly one of the biggest let downs of the year for me, one of the main reasons for this was the very early demise of Paloma. A character filled with so much promise, she had been painted as a vibrant force of nature, full of intrigue, but we never got to see more than a snapshot. So I would love for Paloma to have her own story. We could have tales of Caraval past – perhaps tying it in with an exciting heist scenario with her taking the deck of destiny. There are so many avenues her story could take as we learnt a lot about her history in Legendary which would make an amazing prequel.

Those were my six, so tell me if you agree or who you would choose for your 6!

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