Bookish Ramblings: June Wrap Up

I’m going to be a big cliche and say “wow that month went fast” because it really did, I can’t believe that it’s the end of June already! This month has been great for the most part, sadly the only thing that let June down was the books I read. It’s been a real “meh” month and other than Aurora Rising, the books I’ve read have struggled to rise above 3 stars and in fact I had a 2 star which I’ve not awarded for a long time!

The Books

The City in the Middle of the Night by Charlie Jane Anders 3*

To Best the Boys by Mary Weber 3.5*

Aurora Rising by Jay Kristof and Amie Kaufman 5*

Pans Labyrinth by Guillermo Del Toro and Cornelia Funke 3*

Relics by Tim Lebbon 3.5*

The Extinction Trials by S M Wilson 2*

When I wasn’t reading

This month was Chapter.Con month and has been an event I had been looking forward to for well over a year! Organised and hosted by author Katie M John from Little Bird Publishing, it’s an inspirational and educational event for authors and book community supporters. I was excited for several reasons, firstly I got to meet some amazing friends that I have known online for years, I had been invited to speak on a panel and there was going to be a huge party at the end! I got to speak to authors from a reader perspective, hopefully breaking down misconceptions between readers and authors and helping them foster relationships with bloggers. The awards and after party was amazing, some of you may know that I format print books in my spare time and a book that I’d worked on was selected for a peer award, I was so so happy! Katie M John has now emigrated to the US so I don’t know if Chapter.con will return again in the UK, but I hope it does as it’s such an inclusive and amazing event.

Looking ahead

June was really freeing in that I didn’t set myself a tbr for the month, and whilst it wasn’t the month that I finally finished Priory like I hoped, it gave me a chance to catch up on my May books that I didn’t reach. I probably will set myself a tbr for July though, so check back tomorrow to see whats on my list – let me know if you want to read along with any! The We Read Box, only has a few days left on it’s Kickstarter and they are still a way off their goal which is really sad. It seems that there is a really big market for a UK based middle grade box but it’s struggling to get traction. We’ve committed to the November box as it’s fantasy based, but their first box in September is contemporary, so hopefully there is a box for everyone available at sign up – and for £27 posted within the UK, it’s a steal. This is an all or nothing kickstarter, if they don’t reach their goal you won’t be charged, so your money won’t just disappear into the ether. If you want to lend some last minute support, you can find all the info and various tiers available at


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