Six for Sunday: Characters I want to be friends with

I’m revisiting June for this prompt, it was one that I didn’t quite get round to at the time and given that this weeks true prompt utterly stumped me (I can’t think of a single book I love which has sunshine on the cover, let a lone 6) I felt that I should go back and pick up on some that I had missed. So here are my 6 characters that I would love to be friends with!

Sorrow Ventaxis – State of Sorrow

Some of my favourite books of the last two years have been this duology, I love the story and especially Sorrow herself. That girl has so much on her shoulders, from her missing presumed dead brother, her actually dead mother and dying drug addicted father, Sorrow by name but actually not at all by nature. Girl gets stuff done, she does it well, with humour and grace and just a little bit of losing her mind at times. But despite her best intentions sometimes being misunderstood, she is an amazing friend and her tight knit circle of confidents always have her back. I identified with her in a lot of ways and she is my fictional bestie.

Arlen – Return of the Elves Series

Return of the Elves is one of my favourite fantasy series and Arlen has been there from the start. From the scared but steadfast girl we meet in Soulbound to the…..well I don’t want to post spoilers, but lets just say she’s been on quite the Journey. Half human half elf, her ability to fumble many of the complex social graces is hilarious at times which makes me think that her human side will always win out. She’s compassionate and determined and 100% someone I would want by my side.

Cress – The Lunar Chronicles

So straight off on a tangent, one of my favourite characters in the new She-Ra is princess Entrapta and that is in no small part down to Cress. Cress is an absolute sweetheart, totally innocent and socially awkward, but a little bit genius and utterly curious, she is a total gamer too! She’s the friend that you always feel you need to keep an eye on but ultimately is the one to have your back.

Lazlo – Strange the Dreamer

Honestly wheat is there not to love about Lazlo, he is gloriously bookish, full of wonder, excited to try new things, learn new ways. He would be my go to for pretty much everything!

Effie Trinket – The Hunger Games

I know this is probably a strange addition, but Effie is actually one of my favourite characters from the Hunger Games. She’s beautifully flawed and I loved how she slowly came round in the books. She is full of wonderful snark and melodrama but ultimately I think she would be great company, especially on a night out where she would be the life and soul of the party!

Amelia Fang – The Amelia Fang series

This is one for me as a child, it’s my daughters favourite series and I admit that I love reading them as much as she does. Amelia is always off on an adventure but on her own terms, she has a real sense of social justice and always wants things to be right. She has an eclectic mix of friends that I would love to be part of and I mean who wouldn’t want a bouncing pumpkin as a pet?

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