Six for Sunday: Fictional Places I want to go on Holiday

This weeks #sixforsunday from a little but a lot continues on the summer theme and this week it’s fictional places I would love to go on holiday. This has been an interesting one as there are plenty of fictional worlds I would love to live in, but a holiday is a shorter time period so it opens up places that are interesting or dangerous because in a week I’ll be home!

The Summer Court from ACOTAR

Whilst Velaris pretty much tops where I would love to live, I loved the Summer Court from this series. It sounds utterly beautiful; right next to the ocean with Greek style architecture and a historical feel. It’s the perfect place to sit in the sunshine with a good book and a glass of wine just listening to the waves roll in.


Would I be brave enough to be a player or would I just want to observe? Of course I would want to play! I couldn’t sit and miss out on all the excitement! What an action packed and mysterious holiday that would be, I don’t think I would play to win, but I would love to take it all in, all the shops, the clothes, the entertainment and the food. Everywhere is vibrant yet not what it seems, fabulous for a few days – kind of like the ultimate city break!

Circe’s Island

The epitome of unplugging from the real world I love the idea of getting back to nature, living from the land, being able to see the stars and no distractions. Not just a beach holiday but a chance to explore an island paradise. Sitting by the fireside at night, Circe, would be full of amazing stories and I would learn so much from her – who knows I could learn so potions whilst I’m there too!

Morainia from the Return of the Elves series

Gorgeous forests, tree houses, hiking, hidden caves, not needing a phone because you can link telepathically and maybe even a dragon. Everything about this world is beautiful and it’s only a quick traverse through the mists to get there. They’re not great at recreating human meals though so I best take some supplies with me.


This would only work on the proviso that I had a member of the Dregs, lets be honest and say Kaz, as my guide as it’s the kind of place an unsuspecting tourist can get themselves in all sorts of trouble! Going out for waffles with Nina, playing cards with Jesper (and him teaching me how to shoot when he inevitably loses,) partying at the Crow Club and them climbing high with Inej for the ultimate people watching experience.


I don’t think this one needs any explanation surely – Christmas would be the best time to go though!

There’s a lot of outdoors going on with this list but it’s something I so rarely get to do which is why it’s been so much of a focus I think. Feel free to comment and tell me where your favourite fictional holiday destination would be 🙂

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