Six for Sunday: Characters I’d go on Holiday With

Carrying on with the summer time vibe, this weeks #sixforsunday from A Little But a Lot is all about the characters that I would love to go on holiday with! I have left Lysandra to the end of the list because there are Throne of Glass spoilers for her character, so entirely up to you if you want to stop reading before you reach her šŸ™‚

Cress from The Lunar Chronicles

This one was so so hard, and I’m still torn between Cress and Iko if I’m being honest. But Cress just has an infectious wonder and excitement – I think you could probably go on a wash out of a holiday and she would still find it the most amazing thing ever. The fact that everything is still so brand new for her and her seeing in person places that she has only seen via satellite would be wonderful to be part of.

Donatella Dragna – Caraval Series

Never a dull moment when Donatella is around, trouble would certainly find us but it would be the kind of trouble which sparks adventure. Fearless and fun and never afraid to explore, it would certainly be a whirlwind of a holiday.

Nina – Six of Crows

Imagine how amazing it would be to spend every day experiencing the best baked goods that our holiday destination had to offer! A holiday with Nina would certainly satisfy my sweet tooth cravings with decadent pastries and her ever favourite waffles.

Lazlo Strange – Strange the Dreamer

Definitely one for a holiday to a more ancient setting, I can imagine a holiday to Egypt or South America would be the perfect place for him to impart knowledge, I imagine I would come back more learned and full of wonder at our travels because of him.

Magnus Bane – Shadowhunters

A holiday to New York would certainly need to be with Magnus – the perfect party companion, he knows all the right people in all the right places. Sleep would be for losers!

****Spoilers for Throne of Glass Series****

Lysandra – Throne of Glass Series

I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to holiday with a shapeshifter? Just imagine the places you could get to when she is in animal form, mountain tops, desert islands, places that are completely unspoilt and then she can shift back to herself and you have a fabulous travelling companion too!


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