Bookish Ramblings: August Wrap up!

So August is at an end and with it brings the end of the school holidays, I’m absolutely exhausted! A lot has happened and changed this month in that I have decided to no longer get book subscription boxes – I’ll likely do a post about the reasons why in the coming week, and I have closed for reviews until the middle of October. This is because I have so many books on my tbr – books that I am excited to read but never have the time to because of review commitments. I’m not really wanting to reinstate the review team but I do need to find a balance. I only read one book out of eight this month that wasn’t purely for review and whilst I love supporting authors this way, I don’t want to lose the love for it. I’m going to try and read my YALC haul in September – you can find out which by stopping by tomorrow to check out my September TBR post!

My 5 Star Reads this month
My 4 Star Reads this month
My 3 Star Reads this month
What about when I wasn’t reading?

As I said at the start, it was the school holidays and we have been on a ton of days out! We’ve been to the local wetlands where they had a lego animal trail, our local zoo where they had a lego dinosaur trail, the sea life centre (no lego trail lol), the Pusheen Cafe in Brighton which was amazing! We’ve had beach days, park days, and Netflix days – it was also mine and Mr Paperbacks 10 year wedding anniversary yesterday and we stayed in to binge the new Dark Crystal series! We watched the first 2 and it was totally amazing and everything we hoped it would be.

Looking Ahead

September will be exciting for Biba, she was selected to be a rep for We Read Box, a new UK book box for middle grade readers. Her first box arrives in September and then another in November, I can’t wait to have her join the book community in this way and I hope it’s a great experience for her! Be sure to check out her unboxing on my IG stories. It’s going to be strange not having a sub box next month and whilst I have massive FOMO about it, I have to realise that even the items that I love rarely get used, but that’s a post for another day. At the moment I’m having a huge flare up with my eyes a suffer from Chalazia (cysts) which means it’s very painful to do very much for long periods, It’s worse in the mornings though so hopefully they’ll be better for the evenings reading again soon.

Let me know in the comments what your five star reads were this month!

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