Six for Sunday: Books set in Schools

I’ve been so ridiculously tired of late I have been really struggling with blogging. It’s taking forever to read, I can’t find the words for reviews, I have no inspiration for instagram pics and I just want to sleep but young master paperbacks won’t have that! So I’m going to try and pick up with #sixforsunday again today, and considering how much YA I read, I found this surprisingly difficult!

Harry Potter

Surely this is the ultimate school based read?

Red Rising

I have to be uber cautious here because Red Rising is truly one of those WTF at every turn kind of a book. When Darrow enters the Institute he really has absolutely no idea what is about to hit him – makes Battle Royale look like a summer holiday!


One of my favourite Roald Dahl books (who am I kidding I love them all) as a little girl who spent most of her school holidays at the library, not because my parents were like the Wormwoods I must add, I loved that this was a story about such a bookish girl, of course all her additional powers made it all the better – and of course I wanted my teacher to be Miss Honey, thankfully no Trunchball’s when I was at school!

Mallory Towers

I’m going to put this in as a trip down memory lane, when I read these growing up they were my favourite stories, I was always waiting for another in the series to have been returned on the library shelf. I found the adventures exciting and they made me long for a boarding school lifestyle.  However when I read one with my daughter last year they weren’t all I hoped they would be. Enid Blyton’s writing is certainly very dated and even though I think there has been an element of rewriting for modern times they are still quite hard to read with a strong “girls know your place” element


One of my favourite reads of last year, Spensa’s story is one that I can’t wait to return to when Starsight comes out in a few months. From the anxiety of her testing phase to get into the academy to her time learning all there is to need about being part of Skyward Flight this was classroom at it’s finest – yes it was pretty trope filled with the nature of the characters but I found that endearing and loved them all!

The Austere Academy

I love everything about “A Series of Unfortunate Events” but the Austere Academy is one of my favourites – I love Carmelita Spats, she is almost as vile as Count Olaf, Vice Principle Nero is hideous and the Orphan Shack just painful to read. What really makes this book stand out in the series though is the appearance of the Quagmire Triplets and represents a real step up in the siblings story.


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