Unboxing the Geeky Clean Halloween Collection!

As many of you know I am incredibly lucky to be part of the Geeky Clean affiliate team and up until now mine and Biba’s unboxings have been on Instagram but I wanted to share the love with you guys too! Geeky Clean are a small business focusing on Self Care whilst being 100% ethical. All their products are vegan, cruelty free and plastic free (even their packing materials!) their “plastic” is in fact plant based and totally biodegradable. If that isn’t enough to make you want to check them out then carry on reading to see everything in their latest collection!

“Hey Georgie” Bath Bomb – Candy Floss scented £4

Totally creepy and totally amazing, this Pennywise inspired bathbomb is one not to miss for any horror and halloween fan. They are beautifully hand decorated and the candy floss scent isn’t overpoweringly sweet but still a nice touch on the trick or treat theme.

“Candy Skull” Bath Bomb – Autumn Leaves scented £4.50

This is one weighty bathbomb! I love the colour combination of the blue and neon pink, again they are hand decorated and finished to a high standard. The autumn leaves fragrance is made up from ylang ylang, sandalwood and patchouli and honestly has totally captured the fragrance of kicking up a big pile of leaves!

“Flaming Murder” Bath Bomb – Hot Chocolate Scented £4.50

Another huge bathbomb and the epitome of indulgence! The red and orange marbling effect is gorgeous with a ton of gold bio sparkles and topped off with a wonderful chocolate fragrance, this is probably going to be the first one in the bath!

“Brain Slug” Sugar Scrub Soap and Soap Bar – Spiced Candy Apple £5.50

Nothing short of genius, this is an amazing combination and great value too. A good dose of pale green sugar scrubs (which are always full of exfoliating sugar) topped with a wonderfully quirky pink brain mini soap. Both scented with the same spiced apple fragrance, this has to be one of my most favourite designs ever!

“Bubbly Blob” Shower Jelly Soap – Snow Fae Scented £3.50

We’re recent converts to shower jellies, these Geeky Clean versions come in a handy tin so when you’ve finished your shower it fits neatly back inside again! Mega wobbly and sprinkled with silver bio glitter, the fragrance reminds me of a bag of jelly sweets and is a wonderful teal colour, Biba loves this and I don’t think it will be mine for long!

“Wake Up Spooky” Shower Steamers – Blood Orange Scented £4.50

These shower steamers are super citrusy, Biba says they smell like lemon drizzle cake! but the orange totally comes through for me. These come in a pack of 3 and are again hand painted with a unique design like blood spatter, or an ink blot test for those budding serieal killers among us. These are a good chunky size so will last for those long and languid showers too!

“Spooks and Soaps” Soap – Spiced Cider scented £4

These cute and quirky little soaps come in a pack of 2, ours had a green autumn leaf and an orange pumpkin but the packs look to be random as their website shows a witch design too! These soaps are a perfect travel size and also great if you don’t want the larger sized soap tins. The fragrance is subtle and the soaps have a soft and moisturising feel – did you know that all Geeky Clean soaps are SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) free? Well, now you do!

“Pumpkin Spice of Life” Candle – Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla and Cinnamon scented £8

No Geeky clean collection would be complete without a signature candle! All Geeky Clean candles are hand poured and made with soy wax. The colour of the candle is 100% spot on and the fragrance is beyond amazing – I’ve had the tin open all day and even without burning my house smells like pumpkin pie! These candle tins always burn evenly and last for ages.

So there you have it! Another amazing collection from Geeky Clean full of great ideas and imaginative takes on the theme as usual. I hope that you will want to try out some of their fab products and you can also save an additional 10% by using my code Paperbacksandpinot10 at checkout! You can also pay a visit to my instagram and checkout my story highlights to see a live unboxing of the range too, where to be honest you’ll get a better look at the colours as no matter where I went inside or out today I just couldn’t get the right light for photos!



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