Bookish Ramblings: September Wrap up!

With the end of September comes the end of one of the toughest blogging months for me, I’ve often felt uninspired to blog and articulate my feelings into reviews. In the middle of September I took the decision to try and do #blogtober where the idea is that I post a blog post every day. I then directed my efforts into scheduling posts for October and I my blogging for this month definitely suffered because of it. I’m hoping that having #blogtober to do will help me focus on getting my views back up and inspire me back into writing posts!

My 5 Star reads
My 4 Star Reads
My 3 Star Reads

What else has been happening this month?

This month Biba got her first rep box for We Read Box, you can find an unboxing here on the blog just a couple of posts back! She loved her first box and if you have middle grade readers and in the UK this box is perfect! I also went my first month subscription box free, and do you know what, I really didn’t miss it. I saw an unboxing of fairyloot and honestly knew I would have felt meh with it. I did get the Illumicrate book only option this month and honestly, I’m not that happy. The book is nice and all and the stencilled edge is pretty but I ended up paying £17.99 plus postage for a £12.99 book, the stencilled edge wasn’t worth that much extra in my view. I’m going to keep it until November and then I’ll think again, as Waterstones has really stepped up their special edition game! I also finally booked my 40th Birthday trip with Mr Paperbacks to Edinburgh in December – I’m more than a little excited!

Looking Ahead

So as I mentioned at the start I’m taking part in #blogtober which feels more of a ginormous undertaking now that I know it starts tomorrow. At the moment I’m trying to work out if me and Biba can make it to MCM ComicCon or not, in a very dull real life moment we need to get the washing machine fixed which kind of takes priority. I’m looking to try and keep an even balance between review reads and me reads and I’m actually making better progress through my existing tbr than I thought – when I was sat outside the littlest paperbacks door in the middle of the night last night I discovered I had just 35 unread books on my kindle which is around half I thought I had!

Keep an eye out for my October TBR post tomorrow and just get in touch if you want to read along with me!

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