Six for Sunday – Books With Leaves on the Cover

As it’s #blogtober this month I’m trying to get back into #sixforsunday again, I struggled with the prompts last month but as they are a little more my style in October I’m happy to have them in my daily posts (because lordy it’s hard to try and blog daily!) So today’s prompt is Books with Leaves on the Cover!

A Shroud of Leaves by Rebecca Alexander

Strangely not as leafy a cover as the name suggests but the Holly leaves that can be seen lead an integral part to this crime thriller with a historical mystery woven in! I posted my 4 star review for this yesterday so check back to see what I though.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

Blink and you’ll miss them, but they are there! Priory remains one of the biggest frustrations for me this year, I got it the day it came out and got halfway through but then got not further. It’s not that it’s not a great story, it’s just so vast and because of review commitments I had to put it down and never quite got round to picking it back up. Surprisingly, I do still remember a lot of the story so I really hope I get the chance to pick it up again soon.

Circe by Madeline Miller

The most shameless cover buy ever, the first edition print run had an equally gorgeous hidden design underneath the dust jacket too! This is probably the most beautiful book I own, in no small part to the intricate leaf design, and the mythology of the story underneath is pretty amazing too.

The Binding by Bridget Collins

Probably the second most beautiful book I own – this gorgeous leafy design works so well! Historical fiction isn’t usually my go to genre but every now and then I take a chance and they surprise me, I hoping this will be one of those times!

Sanctuary by V,V James

Not immediately obvious as leafy but the trees on the cover totally work, right? Sanctuary is such an amazing read, if you love contemporary witches or just great writing, please check it out, I’m pretty sure it’s going to make my top 10 reads of the year!

Empress of all Seasons by Emika Jean

I received the exclusive red cover of this book in an Illumicrate box last year, shamefully, I’ve still not read it – I think when I got it I had read a LOT of Asian mythology and fancied a change, for some reason I’ve never come back to it….

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