Blogtober: The halfway point!

Today marks the halfway point in #blogtober and I can’t believe I’ve actually managed to post every day!

It has been ridiculously hard though, I have exhausted all my scheduled posts, I’ve not managed to post more than one review yet as I started reading a book that I was scheduled to post a review in November for, so I’ve had to put that aside to read something else. I was aiming for at least 2 reviews a week – oh well! I’ve had mixed feelings about #blogtober, in many ways I think I have posted some of my strongest opinion pieces but as the month has gone on my views have steadily dropped. I’m wondering if people are getting blogtober fatigue with keeping up with all the posts or whether my posts just don’t hold up very well – it’s all a bit soul destroying, but then also really uplifting when I finally do get that little comment box light up!  Thank you Jemma and to that lovely author who found my contacting bloggers post really helpful.


I’m actually amazed that with everything I’ve got going on at the moment I’ve managed to achieve what I have, I’ve had a broken washing machine, a leaking roof, my son lost his first tooth – although it got knocked out at school, and now the children’s school has closed for a week because it’s in a dangerous condition. I love having the extra time with them, but juggling that and work and trying to educate them at home too, I get the feeling that I may not make it to the end of #blogtober. I may not make it to the end of a single book!


But anyway, congratulations to everyone who has made it this far in #blogtober, if your posts need some love please drop me your links and I’ll head on over and if there is a specific type of content you want to see from me in the next 2 weeks please let me know and I’ll see what I can do!


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