Unboxing the Natural Magic November We Read Box

Biba and I were super excited this week as we got a huge early surprise of the November We Read Box! The theme is Natural Magic and as Biba is a huge fan of fantasy books this box is perfect. In a bit of a twist this month the “box” actually came in a biodegradable bag, this is because one of the items came in a box itself and in an effort to reduce waste, that was used to hold the items! This was a fantastic move and shows that We Read Box are a wonderfully ethical company, committed to reducing waste which is so important to all of us but especially this next generation. So lets start with the boxed item! There was a code in the September activity booklet which gave the answer to what this item would be, which is a jigsaw puzzle! I’ve never had a puzzle in a box before and the beautiful design you can see in the photo was by Elvenwick Candles The puzzle is great quality and Biba found it quite a challenge!

The smaller items this month were another fabulous enamel pin by Nutmeg and Arlo the fox design is lovely and again came with a locking pin back which is a must for children like Biba, who spend a lot of time jumping and running about, she’s been wearing it since we unboxed and I don’t have to worry about tears, because it won’t fall off.  There was a really cute zip pull designed by We Read Box themselves, the golden acorn on the end ties in with the story of the featured books, as does the double sided bookmark designed by Midnight Bookmarks. We were spoiled with 2 books this month and each side of the bookmark reflects each book with a great quote on too.

The activity booklet this month has a ton of fun stuff, with a list of activities which link in with book as well as a link to an exclusive video given by the author of the books. A wordsearch which Biba loves as they are her favourite kind of puzzles and also a link to the video guide for the final small item in the box, a kit to create a Christmas tree ornament! Biba was also so happy to have her butterfly design from the September box featured too.

As mentioned we had 2 amazing books this month, the November book is the The Velvet Fox by Catherine Fisher but as it’s the second in a series we got book one The Clockwork Crow too! Both books are hand signed and sound amazing, the activity books explains them as a tale of a Victorian Orphan who finds herself pitted against the fae. I’ve added the goodreads links in the titles if you wanted to know more!

Biba’s thoughts: I really like all the bright colours and all the details on the items like the pin and the acorn zip pull. My favourite item would be the puzzle because it was really fun to try and figure out. I like that we got 2 books in the same series they look really good!

The November box is available to purchase through the We Read Box website and there are also a few September boxes available still too! These are really amazing value boxes which are absolutely packed with items all for £27 posted within the UK. These would make amazing school holiday activity boxes and also great Christmas gifts for young readers. We would love to see We Read Box Succeed into the new year, so please help to support this great small business bringing this concept to the UK’s children in such an affordable way.

Gaynor and Biba x

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