Unboxing the Geeky Clean Christmas Collection

With only 7 weeks until the big C word arrives, whether we want to admit it or not, it’s nearly time for those who celebrate the season to start thinking of something special for those closest to us! Geeky Clean have some truly amazing gifts in this collection and with packaging options to really ramp up the festivities, there really is something for everyone in my humble opinion. So, whats in the collection?

Do you Smell Carrots: Chocolate and Peppermint scented bath bomb – £4.50

This super cute snowman bathbomb is hand decorated to high standard, we especially love the shine on the scarf and hat. The chocolate and peppermint is perfectly balanced and reminds me of chocolate matchmakers (can you even still buy those?) which is always something I associate with the festive season!


Rudolph’s Nose: Cinnamon and Orange sugar scrub – £5.50

As red as the little guys nose and with a generous sprinkling of golden bio glitter this sugar scrub also smells as amazing as it looks! The cinnamon and orange fragrance is really warming and not too spicy. I adore Geeky Clean scrubs they are full to bursting with exfoliating sugar and I can’t wait to use this one!



Christmas Cold: Peppermint and Eucalyptus soy wax candle – £8

Such a pretty candle, white with a gorgeous splash of blue the fragrances are blended subtly too so this candle is not overpowering with a gorgeous scent, the peppermint and eucalyptus balance out perfectly, Biba is a huge fan of the kawaii cheeks on the marshmallow label!

Sweater Weather: Chocolate Orange soy wax candle – £8

This candle is amazing, the moment we opened it the fragrance was amazing, the generous sprinkling of gold bio glitter really gives it the Christmas feel too, its a warm fragrance and not sickly sweet, Biba wont let this one go!

Candy Cane D20: Peppermint scented SLS free soap – £5

This soap is great value for money, it’s huge! The quality is fantastic, the dice numbers are clearly made out and the edges are sharp. The peppermint scent is wonderful as well as the blended candy cane colouring and it has the added surprise of a D20 dice hidden inside too!



The Grinches Gift: Yuzu scented bath bomb – £5

This bath bomb is shaped like the perfect gift! Their Christmas present bath bomb last year was one of my favourite products ever so I’m really looking forward to using this! The yuzu fragrance is so fresh and fruity, if you’ve ever used the Moon Prism Power soap you’re going to love this bath bomb. Subtly decorated and with delicate bio glitter sparkles this huge bath bomb would make the Grinch love Christmas!


Christmas Hangover Remedy: Menthol Shower Steamers – £4

These potent shower steamers come in a pack of 3 and are absolutely perfect for clearing any post Christmas fuzzy heads! The menthol is totally refreshing and also great for helping with any of those pesky Christmas colds going about! These steamers gently fizz and disperse at the bottom of the shower releasing all the vapour goodness!


Critmas Tree: Orange and Ylang SLS free soap – £4

This tree shaped soap was a firm favourite in our house last year, back with a new fragrance and the familiar D20 dice inside, this one will be perfect for any Critical Role fan or indeed, any Christmas Tree fan! These are great value and the soap lasts for ages and will see you well past the festive season.



Such a Flake: Fruit Medley bath bomb – £5

This is such a gorgeous bomb (please forgive the damage in the photo, I was careless taking it our of the wrapper) the blue is so shimmery and the the white on top really stands out. I love the fruit medley fragrance which is actually really delicate for this substantially sized but beautifully shaped bomb.



Console Christmas: Winter Warmer SLS free controller shaped soaps – £4

What could be better for the gamer in your life or even the gamer in yourself! These cute little soaps are highly detailed and bring back all the retro gaming memories, I can’t believe you get 3 soaps for the price and they look so cute in the bag. The winter warmer fragrance is so good, I can’t stop smelling them and they would make perfect stocking fillers!


If you wanted to save yourself a few pounds you can by the collection as a whole set for £50 (just select the whole collection purchase option) and if you wanted to give the collection as a gift you can also get it packaged in a wonderful Christmas Eve presentation box for £58.

If you want to give a geeky gift but on a smaller scale you can also grab one of their Christmas Cracker mystery bath bomb gift sets, these are just £10 and are so cute in the packaging! If you wanted to choose your own gift bombs then you can get the lovely Reindeer gift bag for £3 which in addition, you can mix and match 3 bath bombs from the store to go inside! Remember to save 10% on all your orders by using my code Paperbacksandpinot10 at checkout and by following the link here

*All the below photos are credited to Geeky Clean, all others are my own.

So what are you waiting for! All Geeky Clean products are 100% vegan and cruelty free, their soaps are SLS free and they are a totally plastic free company, all their “plastic” is in fact plant based and biodegradable alternatives! Support a small business run by wonderful people this Christmas for cute and geeky gifts your friends and family will love!

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