Six for Sunday – Books With Blue Covers

Well last weeks prompt was a total wash out for me as I had zero books on my shelf to match, but if there is one thing I have an absolute abundance of it’s is blue books! So now I just have to narrow them down….

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

I am fortunate that I managed to snag a UK hardback before the price went crazy, it’s not the first print run and it doesn’t have the blue edges, but it does have all the amazing pages of story inside! I totally fell in love with this book, Laini Taylor’s writing is beautiful and poetic and Lazlo is one of the most brilliantly crafted unlikely hero’s. Muse of Nightmares was equally brilliant, but also Orange, so not for today…

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas

Tower of Dawn gets, in my opinion, quite unfairly derided. You either love or hate Chaol (many the latter) but despite his stroppy behaviour in earlier books, ToD is the making of him. It’s not my favourite of the series and I did find it painfully slow in places, but those who say they skip it because they don’t want to read about Chaol are missing out. There are some absolute doozy’s of reveals and so much ties back to Assassins Blade too. It still wins the prize for the only book to make me shout out in shock at a reveal!

The Quiet at the End of the World by Lauren James

Lauren James is fast becoming one of my go to authors, her style totally resonates with me. I love the way that she writes unconventional prose into her books and that works so well in this book. It allows a tandem story to be told leading to her amazing twists that have become such a huge part of her story telling. There is so much inclusion in the story too which doesn’t feel tacked on to tick a box. I feel the same about The Loneliest Girl in the Universe but that’s a black book so again, not for today…

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

Did you see the new series of His Dark Materials yet? It’s the second episode tonight and I’m so excited! I think that sadly many didn’t give this series a chance because of the terrible movie that was made of it using the US title of The Golden Compass. But for those who knew the source material first will know that it is a story far from what we saw on screen. I still struggle with the fact that its a MG book to be honest as it feels far too much like it’s for us grown ups lol. Its a truly amazing story and one which I’m looking forward to sharing with a whole world of new fans when the TV show fully airs!

State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury

One of my favourite books of 2018, its follow up Song of Sorrow (no blue cover to see here) will be on my top reads of 2019 too! Sorrows journey from secret holder upper of everything to where she ends up is amazing, full of political intrigue, turmoil and plots within plots this is an edge of seat story.  Sorrows small grasps at a normal life whilst trying to get to the bottom of just all the different threads of everything going on around her are beautiful and of course for everything else there is always Luvian ❤

Ultraxenopia by M.A Phipps

The covers for this series are just stunning but it’s book one, Ultraxenopia that holds the hallowed blue cover for this prompt. I love the first two books in the trilogy, it’s rare for me to re-read and I had to find the time for these in preparation for the release of the final part next year! Wynter is far from your typical protagonist and Dr Richter is just all manner of evil, a great YA dystopian and its follow up Type-x is even better, although it’s orange, and well… you get my drift by now…

Whats your favourite blue book??


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