Top 10 Tuesday – Unlikely bookmarks

#bookwormproblems If you, like me, spend a huge amount of time reading, you are likely to have quite the bookmark selection. I have woodmarks, bookmarks to match in with certain books and series and all manner of promotional ones that I have gathered over the years, yet the percentage of the time that I actually use a proper bookmark is probably only 20%. Why? Most of my bookmarks are either in a pot or displayed or generally out of reach, so unless I make an effort to track one down, I usually just grab whats nearest! With thanks to @bookslifeotheroddities for the inspiration for todays post!


Honestly nothing drives Mr Paperbacks mad like my inability to throw away receipts, my bag is overflowing with them and they spill out in various places. I’m trying to get him to understand its so I can have a bookmark ready anywhere I go, but I don’t think that one will wash.

Train Ticket

I do end up commuting quite a bit by train at the moment and whilst I always take a book, a book mark not so much. I usually have a collection of uncollected ones in my bag which are ready to go!


Close by to where I read, is my dining table where out post mainly gets left each day. If I stretch my little hand out just far enough there is usually a handy envelope which probably contained a horrid bill, but now gets to be lovingly placed between some wonderful pages.

Dust jacket

I know that some readers find this a heinous crime, but if i’m in a pinch then I will just use the inside fold of the dust jacket to mark my place, I am strategic with it to to make sure that to prevent damage I swap from the front to the back fold halfway through!


Yes, on at least a couple of occasions I have marked my place by using my kindle to make a glorious book sandwich. As a blogger I usually get review copies digitally and I often read in tandem with a physical book so it’s usually close to hand.

Hair tie

My all time favourite random item and it actually happens on a more than regular basis. My hair is quite long and fine so I can, to a degree twist it into place and it will hold itself – leaving me a with a perfectly serviceable hair tie ready to fulfil its bookish destiny.

Pin backing card

As regular readers will know I am also quite the enamel pin collector, these pins arrive nicely packaged on a small square piece of card, which fits perfectly as a bookmark, once the pin is removed of course!

Lego/Disney Cards

So I have two little bookworms and we also shop at Sainbury’s (other supermarkets are available) and once a year they give out collector cards either with lego or disney characters, however, they are blind bags and we end up with a gazillion duplicates that litter our home for ever more, they keep appearing like Tribbles! They are however, also the perfect size to use as bookmarks….

Turning down the corner


Confetti Packet

So what is my current bookmark? Last week it was Little Miss Paperback’s birthday and I got her a card from Sugar and Sloth and ticked the option for confetti to be added, which came in a cute little paper pouch with a giraffe sticker on it. After I filled her card I left it on the arm of the sofa, just next to where I read, it’s done me for 2 books in a row now, I think it might be a keeper!

So that’s my top 10 random items I have used as bookmarks – come and tell me what the most random thing you have ever used as a bookmark is!

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