Top Ten Tuesday – Books that have been on my TBR the longest

I’m going back to an old TTT prompt for today, I just couldn’t for the life of me think of ten things for todays prompt, but thankfully @thatartsyreadergirl has all the previous prompts available to choose from! I think it’s fair to say that I’ve fallen out of love with my kindle in the last year, in fact I don’t even know where it is at the moment, I think after reading it continuously for a couple of years I forgot how much I loved physical books and now I have gone the opposite way! So the majority of this list will be books from my kindle as I’m terrible for picking up ebooks when they’re 99p!

Paper Princess by Erin Watt

This has shamefully been on my kindle since August 2017. I got this when it was 99p and was being absolutely raved about by some good bookish chums – with comparisons to Cruel Intentions, I should have been jumping on this, but I haven’t made it past the first few pages. I just can’t find any enthusiasm for contemporary at the moment and enemies to lovers isn’t really a trope which grabs me at the best of times. I honestly have no idea if I will ever read this.

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Shadowhunters are everywhere and everyone loves them so I just had to jump on that bandwagon, right? I badgered Mr Paperbacks into getting me the box set of The Mortal Instruments for my birthday in December 17, but my word have I struggled through them. Apart from the obvious is it/isn’t it incest question, I just don’t care about any of the characters, I mean other than Magnus, I can’t connect with any of them, and yes that may be because i’m too old for them but I do read and love a lot of YA. Anyway, I managed to get through the first books in the series but have now come to a standstill, I think it’s because this one is significantly longer than the others and I don’t know if I want to commit the time to it – someone tell me the ending is worth it?

The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams

This one has been on my kindle since February 2018 and was amazingly free for a few days. I have the authors first trilogy as a physical book but for some reason I just simply forget that I have this. I admit I have a terrible capacity for skimming when I read an ebook, I just don’t get drawn into the worlds as much as I would like and this is one world that I want get completely consumed by. I desperately want to read this but think I really must get it in paperback to do so.

Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

This and the next two have been on my kindle since December 18, I got a kindle gift card for my birthday and have so far only managed to read 2 out of the 5 books I got with it.  Scythe was one of my favourite books last year, I just loved everything about it so Thunderhead was the first book I got with my card. I think this one is more down to time, I’ve added it to my monthly tbr a couple of times but my paperbacks and review ebooks always end up pushing it aside. I read Scythe on kindle so I know it’s not that. With The Toll just out though I really must get to this!

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

This was a total buy on the basis that the film was coming out and early teaser trailers looked phenomenal. However, when the full trailer released it looked kind of angsty so I decided to get the book instead. I think because I got it with a gift card and it wasn’t a book that was immediately on my radar in any event it’s ended up forgotten

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

A book and an author that have come highly recommended to me on a number of occasions, I am still genuinely excited to read this book and every time I do pick up my kindle it’s one I’m always drawn to, it’s just again down to time and I find that I reach for a physical book now instead of an ebook so I again forget it’s there.

Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean

This came in an Illumicrate box in December 18 I think and it came at a time where I had read probably 3 or 4 Asian inspired fantasies back to back so I shelved it to wait until I got back in the frame of mind. I’m hoping that when I read Girls of Storm and Shadow soon that will get me back into the genre!

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

I got this as part of a 3 book set for £8 in the works in December 18, I read Red Queen and loved it, then didn’t read any more. I’m not entirely sure why, perhaps like with so many on this list I just got caught up with reviews and never really got the chance to add this to my monthly tbr. I was kindly gifted War Storm too so at least I can hopefully have a full run through when I get the time!

The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Hanrahan

I picked this up in January this year when it was released and given that it was on my most anticipated reads for 2019 I can’t believe I still haven’t read it. I missed out on the Goldsboro edition too which was a shame. I have just seen that book 2 is out in January so I may try and make this part of my January TBR so I can be up to speed for book 2!

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

This one has been on my kindle since February this year when I managed to pick it up for 99p. The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favourite all time series, so it would make sense that I would love to read more by this author. I know of so many people who loved this and said it gave them all kinds of feels that they weren’t expecting, but again I’ve fallen down on the basis that I’ve bought a book on kindle that I wanted a physical copy of, specifically the US hardback which is just stunning, I think I still live in hope that I can justify that cost one day soon!

Let me know if you read and loved any of these and which I should add to be January tbr!


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