Bookish Ramblings: November Wrap Up

November is at an end and it’s been a tough month for me outside of reading, I took on new job role temporarily and it ended up being so much more work than I was led to believe. I’ve not been able to post to Bookstagram, I’m so glad I didn’t have a huge list of books to review and I’ve been too tired to write any meaningful blog posts (thank you Rachel Chucher for guest posting for me!)

That being said I have read some and I’ve also made some great bookish purchases and discovered a great new small business. But on to the books!

My 5 Star Reads

My 4 Star Reads
My 3 Star Reads


Bookish Purchases

As I said I’ve made some great bookish purchases this month, I’ve gone a little crazy and I purchased the Illumicrate Nevernight and Godsgrave UK hardback reprints. As I currently subscribe to their book only option I managed to get in on the pre-sale and even though the set was £55 I actually think that’s pretty good value considering how much those books are sought after and they’re only a little more than their Strange the Dreamer set, which no one battered an eye about.

As you know I’m a huge fan of Funko’s and I found an amazing custom funko shop that is actually based in the UK for once! They are called Fandom Fealty and as a birthday treat for myself I got a custom Kaz Brekker and a Jesper Fahey! They are amazing and I love them so much, they have just released an Inej as well but I have to hold back on that for the most expensive time of the year to be over first. As another present (I’m not going mad, it’s my birthday this week) I got the Christmas in Terrasan candle box from Elvenwick Candles – I’ve managed to avoid spoilers and I’m so excited to see what’s inside!

Review News

I’ve decided to take a break from signing up for new reviews and tours for at least the next six weeks, I have made this clear on my review criteria, as I want to read for me for a bit. I only read one book that was not specifically for review this month and whilst I love reviewing I have so many amazing books on my shelf that need some love and I’m determined to finish Priory of the Orange Tree before the end of the year. I’ll likely be open again in February 🙂

Looking Ahead

Later this week Mr Paperbacks and I will be heading to Edinburgh for my birthday celebrations, It’s a big number I’ve reached and we are having our first weekend away without the little paperbacks for nearly 10 years! We’ve got lots of Harry Potter themed things planned so keep an eye on my IG stories for all the updates!

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