Bookish Ramblings: December TBR – Indiecember

This month I’m not going to set myself an exact Tbr but I know I have been neglecting my beloved Indies of late. I found a great little challenge grid on Twitter and I have plenty of Indie reads both on my shelf and on my kindle so I’m going to list a lot of them here and hope that I reach as many of them as possible!

A Thief and a Gentlewoman – Clare Sager

An audacious thief. A charming nobleman. An irresistible con.

Quin poses as an aristocrat to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Her goal: to save the city’s slums. Her method: swindle and move on, because rich men are for conning, not for falling in love with, however tempting this one may be.

Artistic, observant, and charismatic, Atesh is second in line for the throne. Marrying for love is a foolish dream. Or is it? When he meets Quin, he begins to wonder. Little does he know, he’s her next mark. And someone else’s. Someone who wants more than just his fortune.

The clock ticks. The gallows looms. And Quin must save Atesh from its shadow or lose him forever.

The Stones of Resurrection – Tameri Etherton

Never let gods determine your fate…

For thousands of seasons Aelinae has been a peaceful world, since the Great War that saw the banishment of the god Kaldaar, and the imprisonment of his brother. But now Aelinae’s peace is threatened as an ancient prophecy predicting the return of the Eirielle, the one who is and who is not, blazes to life.

Rhoane has battled his demons and accepted his role in Aelinae’s future. Now, it’s up to him to guide Taryn, a woman raised on Earth without any knowledge of her family, her power, or of his place in her life. He must find a way to gain her trust, and her love, or Aelinae will be lost.

Everything Taryn knew was a lie. Yet something about the strange new world of Aelinae feels true. Even Rhoane, a man she remembers without knowing why. She’ll need to accept his help if she’s to learn the ways of this dangerous and magical world.

Evil lurks in the hearts of the Brotherhood and it’s been waiting a long time for Taryn’s return.

Emergence – McCallum J Morgan

I await thee, Iara—the Book of Elem
A planet said to be heaven itself is about to appear in the firmament. The armies of the Empire and rebel factions prepare to stake their claims but an ancient evil has emerged and its eyes have been fixed upon Iara for millennia.
A runaway and a cult apprentice will both find themselves drawn into the core of this conflict. Their destinies are tangled with those of the Empire, the rebellion, the Church of Elem, a menagerie of monsters, and the universe itself.
Heresy, fellowship, valor, and darkness will all emerge—and be tested to the breaking point.



Flesh and Stone – P.M. Hernandez

Seventeen-year-old Ellie Whitewood dreams of being a doctor and giving back to the grandfather who raised her after the death of her parents. When she receives an inheritance from a reclusive aunt, she becomes the mistress of a sprawling manor.

Selling the property to pay for college seems like the answer to her prayers, but each day she grows more and more attached to the stone gargoyles adorning the manor rooftop.

After finding the Whitewood journals, she learns she is the latest in a line of Caretakers who, with her Sentinels, defends the world from evil. While she is drawn to her Sentinel, Gabriel, and her new life, her future isn’t written in stone.

Haunted by dark dreams and facing deadly enemies, is she willing to sacrifice her well-laid plans and accept her new calling…even if it comes with wings and sharp teeth?

Webley and the World Machine – Zachary Chopchinski

If Adal and Arija can’t survive, we’re all screwed.
Let the war begin.

Deep in the belly of a cave lies a door to a mechanical world that will change two lives forever.

Webley and the steam-powered creations of the World Machine keep the Earth turning. But, when Adal and Arija unknowingly set the gears in motion on a fierce civil war, they could destroy billions of lies. Including their own.

Adal and Arija have already lost so much, they can’t lose each other too. But, when they’re forced to fight a creature that couldn’t possibly exist, they must adapt or they’ll lose the only people they have left.

The Forest of Adventures – Katie M John

For Mina Singer, falling in love with a knight on a white horse was never part of the plan.

Finding herself catapulted into fairyland she discovers that the Real World is not quite what she thought and fairyland is not quite what she imagined.

The question is… who will come out alive?





Do you think you will take part in the Indiecember challenge? If you don’t know where to start with Indie authors then please take a look at my post here and hopefully you’ll find a great story to start with. If you love Indie authors as much as me (or even if you don’t), let me know if you want to read along any of these with me!

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