Six for Sunday: All I want for Christmas is….

For this weeks #sixforsunday I talking about all the fanciful things I would like for Christmas, if for instance I had some money and didn’t have to go to work! I’ve tried to keep it as bookish as possible but ultimately I love films and gaming too. Let me know in the comments what you would love this year!

Matching Bookshelves

I know it sounds silly but I’ve got random bits of bookshelves around the house, I’ve got a beautiful wooden one that was donated by a friend, a cheap one I got from Argos and a small one I’ve had since I was little. I envy all the lovely bookstagram pics of beautiful library areas in people homes, who am I kidding I just want a house big enough to hold a library!

Custom Funko’s

Whilst I have always been a lover of collecting Funko’s I finally this year treated myself to a custom Kaz Brekker from a new UK based small business called Fandom Fealty. I also got a Jesper and I am desperate for an Inej. I just adore all the funko’s they do and I would love to have a whole Six of Crows set for my shelf.

Studio Ghibli Films

A few months ago we said goodbye to our Sky subscription as it just wasn’t value for money at all. The biggest downside is that we lost our recordings of our favourite Studio Ghibli films. The kids keep asking to watch My Neighbour Totoro and for the first Christmas in years, Film 4 aren’t showing them. So I would love to have our favourites on Blu Ray as they totally overshadow Disney in this house.

A TBR Cart

I’ve been umming and ahhing about one of these on and off all year, I think they’re amazingly practical, look awesome and I love that I can stick all my Sugar & Sloth stickers on them too. I need to massively reign in my book spends in the new year and actually take the time to read all the amazing books I have already.

Gaming Time

I feel like there are so many amazing games out there at the moment and not a great deal of time to play them. I need more balance between reading and gaming. I have been playing Zelda BOTW for a year and honestly I have no motivation to finish it as I just want to play something more platform based, but I have no money at the moment! I’ve just seen that they’ve re-released Katamari Damacy for the switch and also Okami, I’m also ridiculously excited for the new Animal Crossing!

To watch the new Star Wars

Mr Paperbacks is going to watch this tomorrow, but without me as we don’t have a babysitter that would allow us to both go, and with a 12a rating it’s not appropriate to take the little paperbacks with us either. We kind of used up a years worth of babysitting when we went to Edinburgh for my birthday earlier this month so I feel completely cheeky asking again, so subsequently, I haven’t…


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